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Living modern by the mountainside

Originally concocted as more of a ‘Miami meets Palms Springs’ sort of styling, I quickly realized that even a modern themed home, can in fact feel quite comfortable on the backside of the Rocky Mountains.

So that’s sort of where my inspiration is coming from.

The latest round of N21 has just started and ARIA is featuring their Delilah Living room set which includes 3 exclusive color schemes and you can see, I totally went nuts over them. I also went bonkers for the curtains because I have a thing for curtains it seems.

Also Mike Denneny (The Den) went full out for this event featuring this gorgeous modern build which fully exploits what it is, about these homes that gives decorators that fresh holistic palette. Why, you can use any color, texture, material no matter how outlandish and every once in a while, I personally need the freshness of minimalism.

I had a lot of fun with the windlight and shadowing, just totally immersed at the change in moods with each shot.

Minimal modern is not something you may see on a mountain ridge for sure, let along aside a river bank. But this is Second Life, where a kid can be a kid right? Someone feel free to tell my inner kid that its naptime btw.

I may play around with landscaping and do that ‘Miami meets Palm Springs’ thing at some other time though. Maybe after my nap 🙂

Anyway, thank you fellow lurker extraordinaire for stopping by and visiting today! Do take the teleport and see these  designs for yourself at N21, which runs until February 10th.


*ARIA Delilah Living Room Set (42LI) by Yelo Uriza | N21
Exclusive colors are Teal, Pink, Yellow and are located in the dropdown menus for each piece in the set
Sitter and ottoman come in either PG/Adult versions

[ARIA] Delilah curtain  – N-TwentyOne exclusive
[ARIA] Delilah two sitter sofa  – N-TwentyOne exclusive
[ARIA] Delilah decorative cushions – N-TwentyOne exclusive
[ARIA] Delilah decorative Birch trio
[ARIA] Delilah ottoman – N-TwentyOne exclusive
[ARIA] Delilah decorative vases group with Poppies

*The [Den.] Riverview Home (95LI | 54x31x13m) by Mike Denneny | N21
Includes full perm texture pack (mapping) in case you want to fiddle in PS maybe?
100% Mesh and modifiable

Other Credits:
[ARIA] Sloane outdoor armchairs
The Loft – Marshall Ottoman/Coffee Table
[Con.] Planter’s Habitat – Bike Planter
+ILO+ Yukka Bottle
[ARIA] Piper upholstered bench
:neigeux: mesh plant
:neigeux: Pendant Lights







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