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Tamed for now

Welcome, fellow lurker, passerby, resident of the metaverse to this edition of Sunday Sevensies at

It’s a brand new week and I wanted to share my Top 7 list of “really cool and awesome content ideas for your blog,” because I personally have been struggling so its a good place to start as any.

Some of these may not be relevant to your blog, or not your cup of tea, but they’re here in case you’d like to bookmark them for future indulgence.

And without further a doodad:

7. Strawberry Singh’s Sartorialist Blog Challenge: I will admit this will take you out of your virtual comfort zone, but it looks like loads of fun. You can read the full description here and if you’d like to try one less, zoney, Berry has a dedicated category to all of her memes and challenges here, for your convenience.

6. Vanessa Blaylock has issued several challenges that’ll give you a moment to pause and really think about composition.

Avatar in a Box

Role Exchange in Cyberspace

Landscapes with a Corpse:

5. Whiskey Monday’s Intrinsic Inventory project: where you, fellow avatar, and your favorite ‘thing’ will be the object of Whiskey’s photographic vision.

4.  Virtual Writer’s World, Writer’s dash and 500 Word Snatch:  The writing prompts here will definitely challenge you but the great thing is you are not alone. There are a host of other residents who participate. You don’t need a blog really,  you can even do these privately, no sharing required.

I find that they help sharpen whatever shred of brain activity I have left anyway.

3. 30 day Remix Challenge: Okay I bummed this one off of a RL article but hey it looks like a neat idea and what with recovering from the holidays and all. I have been trying to control my insane spending habits (more nekked pictures please!), and since styling is not my forte’ this challenge could be fun. (Maybe.)

2. Write a guide… Here’s a couple that I’ve recently read/watched that’ll sure set you on a good path:

1. is a RL blog that I stumbled across while looking for ideas. I’ve recently had this weird preoccupation with ‘still life’ virtual photography and this blog is chock full of creative ideas. Its a cool alternative to the standard home and garden pictures and sometimes, it is totally okay to focus on just one thing.

Hopefully one of these’ll spark some sparkness into your sparkly day and if you’re willing to try them out, I’ll be willing to come by and read for meself!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!

Horns: Remarkable Oblivion’s Horns of Zolah | The Secret Affair
Necklace: Pure Poison Gabrielle Warrior Necklace |  The Secret Affair
Cuffs: Wimey Branching Out Cuff | The Secret Affair 
Collar: aisling Cour des Cauchemars Collection Collar
Piercings: ellabella’s Helene’s tears
Body: Slink Physique
Hands: Slink Relaxed and Elegant Mesh Hands
Tattoos: Letis Tattoo Je t’aime (for Slink Physique HUD)
Hair: Magika Serene
Eyes: Dead Apples Sinistre Blind Brown
Chair: Soy’ Leather Low Seat | The Mens Dept.






  1. More naked pics please – I’m on a budget! 🙂

    Oh I really like number two – write a guide! Wonder if I know anything about anything that’s actually useful? Hmm…

    PS: you look a lot better naked than I ever have! I like the way you sponged little bit of the chroma off. The image is slightly muted, and also it’s a little bit monochrome in a way. I like both of those restraints. For me, avatar images tend to be too clean, too on the nose, too saturated in color. So I like muted chroma, soft focus, and a bit of grain. Anyway, beautiful image!

    Liked by 1 person

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