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Gold tests with fire

Just a little indulgence with the reds and golds again for today’s image.

I’ve been going through some heart things these past few days that had me thinking about life in general. How time passes it seems, faster now, or that how it has become a desirable commodity, in my own life anyway.

Or maybe we’re just all getting older, fatter and none the wiser. Okay so I’m probably the only one getting fatter, but that’s okay, that is when I’m most happiest 🙂

I heard a quote recently from a good friend of mine:

“We over estimate what we can do in a day, we under estimate what we can do in a year..”

I think the original said something to the tune of, lifetime... but then again quotes are about as fickle as the sand under my toes. (there really isn’t any sand btw…)

Writing is often a form of therapy. Did you all know that ya’ll are my therapists?

We all started somewhere in the blogdom, and we all find our niches sooner or later. Some fall by the wayside and are forgotten altogether, and then some are lucky enough to fall into the laps of an interested audience. Time I invest here is much like time invested in reading an actual book, biking, hiking, singing….

And as with the natural ebb and flow of life, virtual or real, some days I have no choice but to spend that time elsewhere. And that is totally okay.

So if you’re like me and indulge in a break every now and then, I say, the more the merrier! Obligations when taken to its end, is a thief of time.

This is Second Life. And as with all virtual worlds, big and small,  you only have to turn on your computer to SLive again.

Thank you for stopping by and I promise the next time, it’ll be much lighter. Girl’s Scout’s Honor!

Headpiece: Eudora 3D / L’enfant Terrible Isabella Headpiece | UberSL
Outfit: Eudora 3D Arica Armor (including skirt and top) | We ❤ RP
Hair: Magika Stay | New @ Mainstore
Necklace: May’s Soul Elven Necklace
Bracelet: 22769 Fish Scale Bracelet
Wings: L’enfant Terrible Frozen Heart Wings (rare)
Ribbons: Aii The Ugly and Beautiful Double Hagoromo
Halo: Aii The Ugly and Beautiful Ungodly Halo
Skin: The Plastik’s Syalani Reloaded (Astrali Series)
Eyes: Ikon Hope Eyes Rustic Small
Hands: Slink Elegant and Relaxed Mesh Hands
Pose: Nantra’s Vignette #4 (modified)




  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    What a great quote! I am going to print it out and pin to the very top of my year planner so I can remind myself every day that at the end of it all, we do have time, even if not today to achieve what we dream of.

    As for getting fatter … I don’t think your on your own with that one. LOL

    And as Cao said above .. don’t be light, keep being real.


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