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Quietly busy

While exploring with V the other day, I happen upon an area of the region that reminded me of some of my favorite staycation spots where I live.

Marshlands, wetlands, tidal flats, they have this soothing effect on my soul and I can’t quite explain how the soft water sounds and general quietness seem to permeate my troubled spirit, and how that when I leave, it is with a new sense of purpose. Still busy under the waters of course, but not so that you could tell.

Even virtual marshlands have this effect on me. And that is a great testament to the builders, landscapers and visionaries of Second Life.

I chose not to go hyper with the post processing this time.. just some cropping and a bit of sharpening/contrasting work.

What I did try out, was the Depth of Field option on the first image, something that has never felt comfortable for me to use, till now.

Here are some links to other Second Life bloggers that explain SL DoF better than I ever could:

-Second Lighting:

-Natales Things and Stuff:

-Honour’s Post Menopausal view of Second Life:

I still find it easier to use software to add this effect, however, I may…be willing to try it out more in world.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a marvelous week..

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