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Every little bit

Welcome fellow lurker, to your Friday edition of CozeySL.

I happen to be scrolling my Facebook feed earlier while hopping through Fifty Linden Friday locations and saw that fellow blogger, NannyBunny  (of Top Fashionista) had posted a lovely  frame created by Apple Fall as a tribute to what has been happening as of late in the country of France.

I thought it would be a poignant piece to add to today’s scene, so thank you Nanny for sharing that! You can find the gift at Neva’s Sky Villi.


This past week I have been steadily sorting and boxing through my inventory and am quite tickled to have made it below 10K….. for how long? Who knows..

Its not a very detailed system that merits a spreadsheet or geo location, but I did add hoverscripts to each box to help me find stuff better. Hover Scripts are still relevant, right?! hmmm

Hopefully your weekend will hover and eventually slide right into the fun zone, and if you need a playground buddy, feel free to send me a ping! I love sliding into fun zones.

Cheers ♥

#JeSuisCharlie  by Apple Fall | Neva’s Sky Villi

Fifty Linden Friday Finds for January 9th! | SeraphimSL Coverage here

Kalopsia – 2015 Calendar
+Half-Deer+ Hanging Birch Branch – Dream
LISP – Mesh – Maria Chair Tartan
{what next} Window Shelf (wood)

The Loft – Taylor Screen
floorplan. eiffel slats
Kalopsia – Rug
MudHoney Alex Blanket Basket
[Fetch] Wrought Iron Wall Decor
Tres Blah Framed Picture – Let Them Eat Cake
Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – My Cup of Tea (common gacha)
Scarlet Creative Foundry Desk Light (common gacha)
Alouette – Evelyn Piano
[we’re CLOSED] log candles
Tartessos Arts Concept Hang Lamp
dust bunny . vintage frames (common gacha) | N21
Souzou Eien Fae Orbs (Single/Ceiling)
Cheeky Pea Star Hanging Garland
House: Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug
Stuffed Bee by The Domineaux Effect



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