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Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge

Aloha and welcome to your Cozey Tuesday tidbit! No, its not a thing! But it does roll off the tongue easily. Okay fingers, it rolls off the fingers easily.

Where was I? Oh yes! Berry, our queen of SL blogdom has brought back her super awesome, super clever Monday Memes! Pardon as I join the reverie of a thousand bloggers who rejoice in such!

No more, shall I scratch my head on Monday mornings figuring out how to go around the writers’ block. No more, staring at a blank draft page writing asdf asdf ;lkj ;lkj over and over again till I spontaneously spew out some drivel, no siree, not me! Who does that anyway?

You can read the nitty gritty here, at And here’s the challenge!

Meme instructions: Share an image of your Second Life avatar smiling for a yearbook photo. Don’t forget to share the link to your post in the comments and add your pictures to the new Second Life Yearbook flickr group, you can also share them in the Blog Memes flickr group if you like.

Its fun looking through all the yearbook photos, you really get that sense of flipping through an actual yearbook! (duh Wendy!) Second Lifers, grinning and showing their personalities like this? GOLD!

I don’t mind so much sharing pictures of my avatar (s) smiling, or snarling, or worse. When I had my avatar pose, it was a challenge to get the face proportional with her geeky smile. I did enlarge her eyes and slant the outer corners and that gave me a little bit of eyeball room.

I ended up purchasing Loud Mouth’s Alli, mesh mouth, but because of my impatience and ignorance, I had to put it away for the time being or at least till I can figure out if the skin I regularly use have appliers available. Instead, I did a whole mess of post processing so it looked halfway decent, lots of Liquifying, Smudging.. cringing (on my part).


She looks like she’s having fun though right?Hmm.

If you’re looking for a creative way to fill your blog with fun, clever and relevant content, why not hop on over and scroll through previous Blog and Meme Challenges for inspiration. They’re just the thing to get you started or get you motivated to continue, on this blogging journey.

Thank you always for stopping by, here’s your plate lunch and we’ll see you back soon.

Hair: DeLa “Violetta”
Skin: Lara Hurley’s Ivy (dark) with freckles
Eyes: Ikon Hope Eyes Black (small)
Top: Mutresse Nadya Tank Top
Necklace: MRM Hawaiian Bone (Honi) necklace (No longer available)
Flower: Nickki Romano Island Style Designs Sculpted Plumeria
Tattoo: Tiki Tattoo Tematangi
Tattoo2: Wendz Rose Tattoo
Pose: ricielli runway poses various




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