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Sunday Sevensies: Connections

This week’s Sunday Sevensies is brought to you by the letter L, for Lazy Dog. And yes, I am speaking of Thor the Husky (literally), my virtual pet, companion, and dependable photography prop, buddy. Ah, such a fine pup he turned out to be, and quite the foot warmer at that.

Since this is the official first Sunday of 2015, I wanted to get back to some blogging basics that usually gets pushed aside, things like updating my blogroll, verifying my feeds, simplifying menus/categories etc..

One such ‘back to basic’ thingie I wanted to share were my handy dandy social media links which I do check often. Well as often as I use the pot…nevermind 🙂

Here are my Top 5:

CozeySL on Facebook – most of the SL bloggers I know have a Facebook page for their blog, so yes, we had to have one too!

Cozey Daily on Tumblr – the Tumblr community is quite forgiving of my random spammage. I do several dedicated posts on Cozey Daily once a month (even though its supposed to be ‘daily’…badumdumching), and these are not shown here (on wordpress) but are usually on the Facebook page and my Flickr. (see what I did there?)

CozeySL on Flickr – it took me a whole year to realize the vast number of Second Lifers use Flickr not just as a photo-storage site, but for a place to share art and camaraderie.

CozeySL on Twitter – this is one I save for when I’m snacking or waiting in line for the bathr… I mean checkout.

CozeySL on Googleplus – the really neat thing about Google+ is that you can reach me directly through Hangouts, and I’ll get that ping, even when I’m in the pot…well you get the idea.

I don’t know about you all but most of my Saturdays I daydream about what Thor does all the time:


Such a character.

Thank you for stopping by on your Sunday blogscroll and if you’re looking for something special to add to your styling today, do peruse the credits.

NyuNyu Kimono is featuring a pair of gorgeous thigh high leather boots at L’accessoires, which do not require any mesh feets/attachments. This current cycle of L’ace will be closing up shop in 4 days (Jan. 8th) and there is a wide range of Winter Luxe -esque themed accessories to browse through so do check it out.

Wave byebye Thor…

Dress: NYU – Knit Dress w/o Collar, Teal
*Boots: NYU – Thigh Leather Boots, Taupe | L’accessoires Winter Luxe (ends Jan.8th)
*Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Tathar necklace | L’accessoires Winter Luxe (ends Jan.8th)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Kokoro Mesh Hair
Tartessos Arts Ikon Toast Rug

*[ARIA] Ophelia armchair | UberSL 
*[ARIA] Ophelia three sitter sofa
*[ARIA] Ophelia decorative cushions and throw
*[ARIA] Ophelia two decorative cushions
*[ARIA] Ophelia rug
House: Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug





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