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His Winter Hideaway

Photography and Styling: Vertig0 Sands

Welcome back friends! Since I promised myself a full week’s break from Cozey, I figured it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to share this gorgeous scene styled by Vertig0, featuring some of his favorite things. Well besides me anyway.

I went ahead and put out some of the pieces from ARIA’s Ophelia Living Room Set, mainly the couch, cushions, throw, rugs and chairs. They look so cozey and inviting and am always glad for the range of texture options you can choose from. You can find the complete living room set at Uber, which is now open.

Seeing that I technically have one more ‘break’ day, this isn’t really cheating is it?! Nahhhhhhh 😀

Thanks for dropping by on your daily (or nightly!) blogscroll and if you’re needing a cozey little getaway, let me know! I might just know a place..


*ARIA Ophelia Living Room Set (Some pieces not shown.. click here to see complete set) | Uber ‘Opulence’ 
[ARIA] Ophelia three sitter sofa (PG)
[ARIA] Ophelia decorative sofa cushions and throw
[ARIA] Ophelia four decorative cushions
[ARIA] Ophelia armchair (PG)
[ARIA] Ophelia rug
[ARIA] Ophelia Floor light

N 21 
dust bunny . braided rug common gacha
dust bunny . lumberjack’s axe common gacha
dust bunny . engineer’s lamp common gacha
dust bunny . vintage frames common gacha
dust bunny . traveler’s table common gacha
dust bunny . teapot wind chimes common gacha
dust bunny . hunter’s retreat . gacha RARE

[ keke ] snow jar – glitter
[ keke ] snow jar – snow hares
[ keke ] twinkling lights log – bare wood

ISPACHI Mesh Art – Gazelle’s Head
ISPACHI Decor : Old Winter Sports Makeshift Shelf
HIDEKI – Firewood
HIDEKI – Stool with Blanket
tarte. clutter shelf
tarte. twinkle tree
Seven Emporium Radio 1A579-A
Seven Emporium Flag – Maple Leaf
.:revival:. iron boxed up candle S
Scarlet Creative Foundry Antler Chair gacha
Apple Fall Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe
PILOT – Moose Antlers [Natural]
MudHoney Miles Deer Art
Apple Fall Mother of Pearl Inlaid Chest
Tres Blah Decorative Fireplace

Photography and Styling by Vertig0 Sands ~ Do Check out his Flickr stream!



  1. Haven Warrhol says

    I love the décor and the house…. so homey and cozy. I have lots of the same furniture and have been looking for a house to put it in…. I adore that house. Is it a prefab and if so, where did you get it. My compliments on the furnishing and décor. Thanks in advance, Haven Warrhol

    Liked by 1 person

    • The build was a mesh build designed for a gacha if you can believe that 😀 By Dustbunny and part of their Hunter’s Retreat series, I’m not sure if it is available at their main store but will keep you posted!


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