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A banner year, a golden year

So I’m sort of jumping the gun here by sharing my 2015 resolutions, but I promise they’ll be short and sweet like yours truly.

Last year I did a Top 5 Do Not List and I thought it’d be frugal?  Fun! Yes, I thought it would be fun to show my to DO list instead.

Top 5 DO’s for 2015:

5. DO pour over my blog reader. This used to be a daily thing for me so I’d like to get back to it.

4. DO more tutorials. Or at least one, Bumble! I’ve had a page dedicated to my favorite ones here on the blog so if you want to check it out, feel free. 

3. DO more with less. This has been a year of growth on Cozey, more so on the technical side of Second Life ‘Photography’ s and also learning different techniques in post processing. There have been times, where I’ve hit that invisible wall of, “that’s already been covered, why would they want to see it again?” and that is when it is healthy to step back, and let some things go.

Part of the growth process in any aspect of life is accepting the fact that we have limitations, and that should never be stop at bettering ourselves. When we accept that we can’t DO it all, then we free ourselves to DO what we love ♥ (that one was free!) 

2. DO pay it forward. Even the smallest act of kindness, can change someone’s future for the better.

and finally…

1. DO, take the time to set alone somewhere and just ‘be’.

This week I will be taking a short blogging break to do just that. So I’ll leave you with a couple of your own to DO’s in the meantime 😀

Thank you so much for keeping me company here at Cozey, I hope your new year brings you luck and good fortune ♥


Necklace/Earrings: Zibska’s Viiva Necklace/earrings in terra | L’accessoires | DO visit!
Hair: MINA Rossje Hair | Kustom9 | DO visit and try the Demo!
Ring: Maxi Gossamer Tiger Lily Flower
*Lashes: No.7 Lights Lashes | L’accessoires
Staff: .Enfant Terrible. Moonchild gacha rare
Dress: Pixicat Maiden Dress gacha common



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