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A soothing kind of splendor

On the second day, God said, “Let there be Light..” ….. oops my bad!

No no, on the second day, holiday shoppers went and hid among the overflowing aisles of overstuffed material goulash and said…”Lordy, help me find the light at the end of this shopping tunnel of heck in a handbasket.”

Okay I’ll stop. But seriously in all seriousness… forgive me ahead of time for taking the liberty of freely shoving my virtual bodeh’ into your home and your private space.

Oh yes what better way to feature this gorgeous headset from Modern Couture than with a pair of these babies! I realize the actual Twelve Days of Christmas doesn’t actually start till after the holiday, but the twelve days before could be just as good right?

Of course 🙂

I also wanted to share my Seven Diamonds Selfie Card for Vanessa’s Holiday Party and Selfie Card deck (1st image). This one was really fun to do and I went hog wild in photoshop and picmonkey just throwing filters at it like a kid in a candy store..“Take that you over saturated piece of potato you!!! Oh yeah??! I’mma blur your edges till you so blind you can’t tell what’s  hue from Heffner!”

This is supposed to be a hobby right?

Of course 🙂

Anyway, L’accessoires has officially opened and you can pick up le headpiece at Winter Luxe.. the head piece is up here!

Thanks for stopping by on your daily blogscroll and 1000pts for you, for finishing this fluffy read!

1st Image~

Bodysuit: alaskametro’s Valena | anyBODY
Hair: D!va’s Kalli2 | New
Jewelry: Lazuri’s Enchanted Tiara and Necklace
Pose: coming soon (i dun ferget where i puts)

2nd Image~
*Headpiece: Modern Couture’s Dryen Headpiece | L’accessoires
Hair: EMOtions’ Sunburst
Tattoos: Erratic’s Koi
Silky stuff: erare’s mermaid project
Pose: Exposeur (Modified)
Addtl Prop:{anc} ephemera



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