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Cozey Potpourri

For some reason, I had the absolute worst case of ‘what to title this post’, for like the first time in forever. Well in a long time anyway.

And then, and thennnn, the fabulous Vanessa Blaylock , left a reply in my Flickr stream that seemed fitting. So whether you realize it or not, Vanessa, you are my hero.

I did what I could to cull all the shiny, red, golden, metally stuff in my inventory to come up with a look that was awesome in my head at the time.

But what we envision and what is translated can turn out to be two very different things.

So Cozey Potpourri..what the heck is that anyway?!

Its the shinies, the golds, the reds, the deep greens and cream colored ribbons, its the ambiance of my current home location, all wintery and snow blustery. And the patch of forest beside me still in its autumn glory (hey that rhymed!). Why, I just simply melt whenever I see the contrast. (its rally rally pretty)

It is my way of appreciating the wonderful content, that designers share with the rest of us. It is everything in my inventory, that I’ve chosen to surround my avatar (me),  to express how I am feeling right now, in the real, in the moment, in the present.

And right now I am a fragrant, eclectic mix of warmth, love, appreciation, gratefulness and acerbic wittiness just so we don’t get bored.

So what if the weather outside is frightful? My dear, it is always delightful, that you’ve chosen to come and visit this crazy lady and read crazy ramblings, if only for a few minutes.

The season calls for these kinds of moments, don’t you think?

Crown: Remarkable Oblivion Holiday Spirit Crown (gacha) | The Arcade
*Wings: .Enfant Terrible. candle light dinner Chandelier wings (gacha)
*Necklace:  .Enfant Terrible. candle light dinner Necklace (gacha)
*Bracelet: .Enfant Terrible. candle light dinner (gacha)
*Collar: Zibska’s Leigh
Hair: D!va Kalli
Ears: 22769 Young Elven Mesh Ears
*Lingerie: alaskametro’s Holiday Gift ‘Bette’ in cranberry
Body: Slink Physique
Skin: Lara Hurley’s Scarlett II
Eyes: Ikon Hope Black small
Chair: Kalopsia Elven Chair
Pose: oOo Studio Belle


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