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Love Thy Curves

I titled today’s post in response to an inner cry for help..sort of. Last night while wondering through Flickr, I had a moment of enlightenment if you will. I recalled one of my favorite blog challenges earlier this year, “Project Everybody: Be Brave”, and read over what I had written. Then I looked over Lucie’s challenge, only this time, with a different set of eyes.

These eyes, that were scanning through literally hundreds of Second Life images, were fast becoming desensitized to the usual fare of the normal everyday looks, feels and stylings, kind of like what you see here. Its a standard fashion picture-post-thing, and I’d probably scroll right past it without thinking.

But something, I don’t know what yet, was royally bugging me, about the way I was looking at my avatar. Was it her eyes? Did I shape her lip wrong? Are her hands too big? I have always used standard size small for her shape, and my lame excuse was admit-tingly, “It’s for the blog.” 

In the challenge she explains, “This isn’t simply about stepping outside of your comfort zone a little bit… it’s bigger than that. It’s more about challenging your own preconceived notions of what is beautiful, or someone else’s.”

” Do you consider your av’s persona, whether an accurate reflection of your own RL persona or not, to be “too sexy” to wear glasses? Or to dress up as a character from, let’s say, Game Of Thrones? Is that too “nerdy” or “geeky” for you, even if on some level you want to do it? Are you secretly in awe of those who dare to wear these things, but afraid of how others will see you? Or is it more about how you see yourself?”

I’ve not been one to really look at my avatar as anything but that, an avatar. I’ve got lots in my inventory, squirrels, bunnies, I’ve even got a BUG avatar. But this human shaped one..this standard small sized female avatar ? I look into her eyes behind the viewer’s camera, and all I see are brands,  textures,  deadlines and spreadsheets. I don’t see me anymore, and to be honest, I haven’t in a long time.

So this is my long and round about way of reintroducing myself to you, fellow friend, here in the blogosphere..

I’ve gained a few pixels here and there, bulked up on some courage, and took a few brave pills. My standard small tall long legged shape is around here somewhere, but for now, I’d like to introduce you to, me, Wendz.

And I’m so glad to meet you 🙂

Dress: *League* Yve Pencil Dress | Uber
*Necklace: Eclectica ‘Glimmer’ Diamante Necklace | L’accessoires
Hair: Truth’s Vivi | Uber
Skin: Belleza Eva Med. Dk. 7 | Uber
Tattoo: Bolson Mr. Kenway
Eyes: Dead Apples’ Sinistre Sombre Blue
Piercings: ellabella’s Benediction
Lipgloss: 8+ Gloss 001 Plum
Pose 1: Luxe/Positivity: WS9PS3 | Uber
  Diesel Works Zahra 10 | Uber
Location: MayFair



  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    My avatar also did a bit of a pixel growth in the past six months after casting my eye over some rather spaghetti arms and legs in the photos I was producing. Like you I wasn’t completely happy with my pixels, tweaking here and there. I realized my eye kept moving across to the slightly curvier avatars. Having since rezz always being tiny and petite then with mesh a XS or S it took me quite some time to finally put some “meat” onto the dear ole girl.

    Now a days not only do I feel completely sexy with my curvier, thicker thigh woman who doesn’t look like she’d snap if you hugged her too tightly and with that comes happiness when my eyes gaze over her. Congrats on your changes Wendz, and nice to meet you 🙂 You look stunning.

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