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Cool, calm, tempered

This weekends’ styling is brought to you by the letter F…. F for all the little fishy things I like to do in the dead of night after I come home from work.

For example, I rearranged the kids’ sock drawers by color while they slept. I also alphabetized our collection of US State magnets on our refrigerator, color coded my collection of teabags oh and went on a grocery/plastic bag purge.

This is the sad sad tale of someone who supervises a retail store in the middle of the holidays. (Hoorah.)

I really, REALLY, really love this head piece created by Zib Scags, of course. I didn’t include the full set in the pictures, but there is another piece that is as equally gorgeous as this Daphnis Orbit, that I put on. I was tempted to try to write something poetic describing how they represented the thoughts that swim around my head, or some such drivel.

Just know that the effort was made?

I also wanted to point out that HollyHood is once again featuring an awesome pair of glorious shoes @ L’accessoires this month, so do check ’em out while you’re out in Black Friday land.

Speaking of Black Friday, I am of the opinion that this day is erroneously named. It ought to be called Black Weekend. Or, ‘GetOutDeWayB*tchDay!’ day.

I hope to join the throng on the grid regardless, and fully invest in discounts and dismemberment, so if you see me hopping sims don’t forget to wave your member back!!

Until next time ♥

Featured Items:

Headpiece: Zibska’s Daphnis Orbit (Group Gift) | Join Here @ Mainstore!
*Shoes: HollyHood’s Holly White Taebelic Heels | L’accessoires November 
Outfit: FAUN Eva Structured Blazer
Skin: Lara Hurley’s Scarlet II
Lipstick: Zibska’s Senn Lips 12
Hair: booN’ KJI553 | New!
*Bracelet: 22769 Fishscale Bracelet
Necklaces: Maxi Gossamer Copacetic Tallulah
Poses: Imeka & Sari-Sari
Location: Insilico 



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