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Think on these things

I’m thankful first and foremost for you state-siders who chose to sacrifice a mouse click during your holiday to visit us (me) here at CozeySL. You rock!

As I am currently (sort of)  prepping for our dinner tonight, it occurred to me that this blog had turned 2 a few days ago. Can you say, preoccupied?

Two years filling A Cozey Second Life, with relevant content and I even broke a nail! I never set a deadline or end date thankfully, but I have recently let go of a few commitments.

I’m still not sure what lies ahead as far as carrying on the purpose of Cozey. What I do know, is that I’ve had a lot of laughs, mainly at myself, and many of you are so sweet to laugh along with me… rather than at me… (and if you did, I forgive you:P)

CozeySL has become one of my most treasured outlets for stress as many of you all find with your own blogs. We’re a tough lot aren’t we?

I’ve learned that whether we are writing for an audience of one or one hundred, that the content ought to uplift at least the author.

Bookoo points if the reader is blessed as well.

I’ve also learned to say the magic word….no…even to the detriment of my ‘so called’ Second Life whatever career. Is blogging a career now? Where the heck was I when that memo came out sheesh?!

No, I will not take a picture of your lag infested hair… no I will not re-apply to cover your event.. no I will not write ‘I love your stuff’, when I really do not.  It’s a magical word, that no.

You, who have endured the quips, the dry (and downright crispy) whit, I applaud your tenacity and stick-to-itiveness.

Thank you for welcoming A Cozey Second Life into your virtual world experience these past two years, and thank you most of all for the laughs ♥

Featured Items:

Top: Fishy Strawberry’ Le Geek Sweater | Geeks N Nerds
Shoes/Socks: ANE Pixel Tall Boots | Geeks N Nerds
Headphones: ISPACHI Attero Futuristic Headphones
Skin: Lara Hurley Scarlett II
Eyes: IKON Hope black XS
Hair: Entwined Ivery
Pose: !bang 463 | Geeks N Nerds
Daybed: [ARIA] Decima leather daybed | N21
House: Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Mesh House (rare gacha)
Furnishings: [Fetch] Wall Abacus | Geeks N Nerds
 Cheeky Pea Okugai Supa Screen
  LISP Charlotte Nerd Teacup & Macaroon








  1. I am thankful for you. This mornings respite from cooking for 14. Congrats on the 2 year and mostly on learning the magic of no. I am still 30/60 on that (more no’s than, m ok I guess, if I have toos. Happy turkey day 🙂

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  3. I love that photo! It’s so adorable! Cute t-shirt too. And I like the pensive, sort of “looking forward while considering the past” quality of it.

    It sounds like your “no”s were wise.

    Although I’ve found that “yes” is also a pretty great word. We have too much choice, too many options, and too little time. So we do need to say “no.” I try (haha, not very successfully) to say “no” to myself. But I think when someone asks me to write something or visit something or participate or interact or contribute… haha… I think my first instinct is “sorry, too busy”… but I’ve been trying to say “yes” to these things. To say “no” to myself, but “yes” to joining and interacting with community.

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary – that’s so awesome!!

    You don’t have to have any “goal”. You don’t even have to “keep going”. But with your anniversary here, and the New Year at hand, I can’t help but wonder if you have a focus ahead?

    I was just looking at my friend list. I have 289 atm. (after you subtract all the alts, of course! O_o)

    Some of them are BFFs, some I barely know. I’m thinking about letting 2015 be a year of trying to spend a 1-to-1 hour with every one of the 289 peeps on my friend list. I haven’t decided for sure if I’ll do it. But it’s an interesting thought. Just because SL or Facebook or any other platform happens to call your “Contact List” your “Friends,” doesn’t mean that ALL the people on it are your “Friends”. Still, it’s kind of interesting to have collected these souls. And kind of strange to carry something of them, even if it’s only a virtual pointer, and not interact.

    Anyway, that might be my 2015 challenge to myself. HAHAHA or maybe I should just challenge everyone to do it with me!? 😛

    We could do 2 letters a month: so all the A & B friends in January… all the C&D friends in February… and finally finish with all the W, X, Y & Z friends in December.

    I did a different performance a while back, “Like a Prayer”

    where I tried to make amends with 6 friends I’d hurt over the years. I never did get in touch with 5 of them, but with 1, we reconnected after 538 days of silence. It turned out the whole thing was ridiculously small, and for 538 days we’d each been feeling guilty about it. Since that day we’ve done a few events together and also just spent time hanging out and talking.

    haha, this is supposed to be a comment on YOUR 2nd blogiversary! But I seem to be convincing myself to actually do this “289 Friends” project. Although I do like the idea of not just doing it myself, but making it a challenge for all who’d like to “mine their friend list”.

    Whatever year 3 brings for you, congratulations on the first 2. And it’s been really great sharing at least a small bit of your journey.

    Hey *W*endz, maybe we can do lunch in, oh, say, December 2015! 🙂

    Congratulations sweet thing!

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    • whoaaaa you did a thing! i’ve mined my list down to the barest of bare and I would love to fill with more lunch oh yes and friends, course!


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