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Now you see me lookin’

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”

I readily admit to having a major case of writers block today. Thankfully, I remembered reading an article posted by one of my favoritists, Kitty O’Toole over at SL Blogger Support, talking about this very present, and very common eeeeeshhooo… It really is a great read, so do check it out when you can.

It really is all about stepping back once in awhile and changing our perspective.

Cirque de Seraphim is nearing the end of its third week and its so awesome to see everyone show their  support. Last I checked on their website, the total in donations were roughly $2400 US dollars.. truly amazing.

There are still 6 full days left, however, so plenty of time yet to get on over to the region and shop your hearts out.

Again, you can donate to the ASPCA directly at their website here and also if you’re looking to see a comprehensive catalog of items at CDS, visit their page at SeraphimSL.

Teleport 1 to Cirque de Seraphim 

Teleport 2 to Cirque de Seraphim

Featured Items:
*Top:Kaithleen’s Tail Coat | Cirque de Seraphim
*Bottoms: Miamai Luxe’ Aurelia Bottom | Cirque de Seraphim
*Stockings: Kaithleen’s Tail Coat Nylons | Cirque de Seraphim
*Lashes: Miamai_Vintage Circus_Diva Mesh Lashes | Cirque de Seraphim

Other Credits:
Skin: Lara Hurley Riah (Halloween Group Gift)
*Necklace: Pure Poison Ribbon Necklace
Tattoo: Sharkies Tattoo Steampunk
Hair: EMOtions Windblown in snow
Eyes: Ikon Ascension Eyes Quicksilver
Pose: !bang stand 326

Featured Furnishing Credits:
*tarte. circus marquee| Cirque de Seraphim
*tarte. umbrella lights| Cirque de Seraphim
*tarte. repurposed unicycle| Cirque de Seraphim
*Lark – Cushion Tents| Cirque de Seraphim
*[Fetch] Abandoned Tracks| Cirque de Seraphim

Other Furnishing Credits:
The Looking Glass Twinkle Tree
tarte. wagon wheel light
Pixel Mode – Manchester – Wall Pipes
22769 ~[bauwerk] Red Velvet Drapes
3D Trees Forest Grass; Forest Sticks
Fanatik Curtains



  1. Thank you for your lovely words, it’s nice to think someone rates me enough to consider me a favourite; that is epic praise indeed coming from someone as gifted as yourself!
    Thank you!


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