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Ne Me Quitte Pas ~ Canary Beck

Ne Me Quitte Pas - Inworld Ad

Ne Me Quitte Pas

A debut exhibition of reflective photographs by Canary Beck opening November 20th at 12 noon SLT

 Greetings fellow lurkers and champions of all things Second Life related on the Blogosphere!
If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Basilique Theater, or immersing yourself in their recent productions, than you have experienced the pleasure of being in the company of Canary Beck.

If not, let this be my formal introduction/invitation to further your knowledge of one of Second Life’s most distinguished residents and along with some information about her latest project, ‘a series of reflective photographs called “Ne me quitte pas”, with each of the portraits titled with verses taken from the famous 1959 song by Belgian chansonnier (singer-songwriter) Jacques Brel (and in some cases, the English adaptation “If You Go Away”).
The exhibition of 20 pictures will be held between November 20th, 2014 and January 10th, 2015 at The Arts & Culture Community (A&CC) at Wanderstill Ode’

Here is a brief statement in Becky’s own words sharing how this all came to be:

In this series of pictures called “Ne Me Quitte Pas”, I have aimed to express what I am only now able to express coherently in words. I’ve even lifted the titles for the pictures from the verses of Jacques Brel’s plaintive poetry set to music, feeling unable to write them myself.

These very personal pictures are the result of two months of taking hundreds of similar pictures on my bare white platform – most of which I obliterated soon after I took them. I never planned to share them. As I’ve reviewed these works for showing; however, I see them now like heavy pages in an old diary; a shabby book that reflects a threadbare me, depleted by gravity and, I hope, now hardly recognisable.

Things fall apart, but we reflect, re-examine and reconsider the necessary grieving process that we go through, which tends to accompany any significant loss or separation, and perhaps might feel a cathartic lightness in the sharing.

“Ne me quitte pas” (English: “Don’t leave me”) is a 1959 French song by the Belgian chansonnier (singer-songwriter) Jacques Brel. It  has been covered in the original French by many artists and has also been translated into and performed in many other languages. A well-known adaptation, with English lyrics by Rod McKuen, is “If You Go Away”.

For more information about Ne Me quitte pas, The Basilique “Our Island” region, you can contact Canary Beck via email here. 

Becky also hosts a weekly chat salon, “aimed at exploring the human/avatar experience..”  in addition to directing/acting in immersive Second Life theater productions, “Romeo + Juliet” and  “Paradise Lost” (which is set to be released in machinima format in 2015).

Visit her website, for any additional information and new works.

Thank  you for stopping by today, we hope to see you there!

Teleport to The Arts & Culture Community (A&CC) at Wanderstill Ode



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