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A temporary high

Here’s a little diddy for your weekend inspiration:

“When you finally get what you’ve always wanted, remember how badly you wanted it.”

I really really wanted a day off from work! Didn’t get what I wanted though.

But you certainly could! Just meander through the credits for a spark of inspiration

and hopefully your weekend will start off with lasting high!

Featured Items:

*Top: Kenvie Blouse Folded Up | Sad November
*Vest: Kenvie Fur Vest | Sad November
Bottom: Maitreya Jeggings
*Scarf: V-Spot’s Worn Velvet Scarf | Sad November
Hair: elua’s Chay | Xiasumi School Festival
Bracelet: RealEvil’s ReVox M5 Engravable bracelets
Piercings: ellabella’s Benediction
Skin: .la petite morte’s Bonnie
Mesh Ears: RealEvil’s ReVox E2 Mesh Ears
Post: aDORKable various
Location: Little Town by Cica Ghost





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