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Never stop learning

Never stop learning By Bumblebee

Never stop learning, your who’s your what’s your nows..

Never stop climbing the hill of knowledge, the hill to all your somehows.

Sometimes, there are answers for all the questions you have asked

And sometimes a silence to the somehows you’ve amassed.

My faith in things tangible is at best a temporal glance

But my faith in the impossible, is at most, my only chance.

To show that I know, that I’ve learned, and will grow.

To put my doubts aside and to really know that I know.

I will never stop seeking, never stop wanting to be in his loving presence.

I’m learning to embrace, and learning to believe in the answers he has given.

Never stop learning, never stop climbing, the hill to all your somehows.

Someday the answers, will be answered, just maybe not… right now.


Featured Items:

*Top: [sYs] MANHATTAN pull-shirt | Sad November
*Jeans: MoDANNA SL Brume Collection Buttoned up Jeans | Sad November
*Boots: Essenz Footwear Helsinki | The Thrift Shop 7.0
Hair: Wasabi Pills Kokoro | Xiasumi School Festival
Skin: .la petite morte. Bonnie (6)
Bracelet: Kosh LOR Bracelet
Prop: Alouette wearable book | Consignment’s Dugout Canoe Sofa
Location: Xiasumi School Festival 


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