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When you’re ready

Last month, I was introduced to American Horror Stories, and with great flourish and pomp, I finished season one last night.

So it goes without saying how very well Cirque de Seraphim, is fitting into my current tele-addiction with all its freaky funtastic fashion.

Usually I stick with one skin brand, but la petite morte is featuring the bonnie (clown) at Cirque, along with their Harlequinn make-up.

It was just too fun to pass up. I might make a trip down to their main store for demos soon.

The whole circus theme is so far from what I normally do around here, but its been good for me to break out of the box.

And if we’re never challenged, by golly, where’s the fun in that then?

By the time I reached the final episode of the first season, I was completely hooked. So no spoilers ya’ll.

Dooobie sure to peruse the links in the credits and have a terrifically insane Tuesday. Or not!

Featured Items:

*Jacket: Kaithleen’s Tail Coat | Cirque de Seraphim
*Hair: Moon‘ The Weeping | Sad November
*Skin: la petite morte’ Bonnie t1 clown | Cirque de Seraphim
*Makeup: la petite morte’ Harlequinn | Cirque de Seraphim
*Hat: Persefona’ Circus Hat | Cirque de Seraphim
*Monocle: Persefona’ Lace Milord | Cirque de Seraphim
Necklace: Donna Flora’s Mirella
Eyes: Ikon’s Ascension Quicksilver
Stole: E-Clipse Mimi Dress Fur Collar
*Tools: LUMIPro Photography System



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