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Not a bad thing

I’ve truly come to understand how some things in my life have become thieves of my time.

And we have so little precious of that it seems. So I’ve made a few changes to accommodate a sane schedule,

but still keep that whimsical fervor for the playful and silly goodness around these parts..

Because lets face it, our virtual world is exploding with new talent and content everyday.

And that is exciting. And that is never a bad thing.

Until next time fellow lurkers and friends, do be sure to peruse the credits and if you’re still looking for that shoppabuddy, ping me!

Featured Items:

*Sweater: *TuttiFrutti* Cozy Mesh Sweater | Cirque de Seraphim
*Skirt: Emporium November Rain Skirt | Sad November
*Stockings: Emporium Tights | Sad November
*Boots: Emporium November Rain Boots | Sad November
*Hair: Olive’ The Revy Hair | Sad November
*Glasses: ZOOM‘ Brizz Sunglasses | Sad November
*Props: [geek.] Luftballon (red with balloon) | Cirque de Seraphim
*Pose|Prop 2: Sari Sari’s Balloons 2 | Cirque de Seraphim

Teleport to Cirque de Seraphim | TP 2
Teleport to Sad November





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