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Autumn’s End

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. In my for instance, I’ve grown fonder of Second Life, miracle that that is lol

This months marks CozeySL’s third year on the SL blogosphere, and we (meaning I) are, am.. I am amazed at how far we’ve come… I’ve come. Well you too, because you have to read along with me. (Thank you for that)

Having three years worth of content on a blog, period, has got to call for some kind of award, candy, or shopping spree…or at least a virtual life time supply of game monies.

Right then. We actually have a few worthy things to jabber about and mainly, that Sad November is in its full swing and looking to be one of my favorite ones for the fall fashion season (biasness aside)

7mad;Ravens is a new to me brand of mostly male apparel and accessories that I discovered through the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Poe Rozenburg is currently featuring the Autumn’s End necklace at SN and oh how you can style this with just about any thing, anywhere, any background, any season.

Img by Vertig0 Sands

There really is no limit to what you can do with great mesh work and an idea for a photo composition.

Do be sure to peruse through the credits for the relevant links and information.

As always, thank you for visiting us today, and thank you for inviting my Cozey Second Life, into your daily reading repository. Until next time!

Featured Items:

Necklace: *7mad;Ravens’ Autumn’s End Necklace by Poe Rozenburg | Sad November
Hair: Entwined’ Ivery by vivienmarli (Blair) | We ♥ RP
Ears: 22769’s Young Elven Ears
Dress: The Plastik’s Starias Dress | We ♥ RP
Tattoos: *Elska’s Into the Woods and Leaves of Change by Alexandria Enchanted | Sad November
Pose: aDORKable’s Ella and Breezy

Guest Photographer (2nd image) Vertig0 Sands (IM for styling details)



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