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A Hallowed Morning

Yay you’ve made it! You’ve conquered the week and you’re finally here! Welcome to Friday 🙂

Oh, but its not just any ole’ Friday, no siree. It is All Hallows Eve, Friday. The Friday of all Fridays in 2014. It’s the 13th! Only backwards?

Anyway, I’m just glad you made it here, because I’ve just about finished all the candy. Saved a few kisses for you though!

When you finally do wake up after your mad candy dash from this night, remember that Sad November opens tomorrow at 7amSLT. 

Why that’s not sad at all! In fact, you’ll want to have a side stash of noms next to your keyboard as you playfully slosh your way through this crazy cool themed shopping event.

Don’t forget your free umbrella at the landing point, and since you’re bringing said noms…. don’t mind if I hop along with you, eh?

Have a terrifically safe, and sane Hallows Eve ♥

Featured Items:

*Headpiece|add’t attachments: Tabou Irresistible’s Fallen Leaves and Antlers by glamsoglamour | Sad November Nov. 1st-22nd
*Headpiece2: {Scene} Autumn Beauty Circlet by Mikhayla13 Resident | Sad November
*Bracelet|Ring: LUXE. Dainty Ring Bracelet Gacha (rare); Mustache ring gacha (rare)  by Jaycee Dover| Sad November
Dress: {dolle*} Ribbon Wrapped Gown Dress
Hands: Slink’s Elegant and Relaxed Mesh hands
Location: StoryBrooke Gardens, Baja Norte



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