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Through all my Novembers

Sweet November_

Sad November is a new shopping event which starts on November 1st (7am) till November 22nd and is hosted by Flair for Events. 

I had a chance to tour the region today and was instantly pulled into the ambiance.

The landscaping is a welcome change from the standard ground level spread, so you really have to take the time to walk in order to enjoy the experience.

What was really exciting for me to see was how some of the terraforming just wove in and out of the builds really natural like.

There are rises, hairpin turns, inclines, little splashes of colour here and there to keep you on your toes so be on the look out for more uh, traveling snaps as it were.

You can find out more information about Sad November at the Flair for Events website here as well as the Sad November Flickr Group. 

Thanks for stopping by on your daily blogscroll! And if you’re still looking for that shopping buddy I’m most happy to come with ♥

Featured Items:

On Vertigo:

Scarf: Ariskea’s Falling Scarf (Men) by Aris | Sad November Exclusive
Sweater: V-Spot’s Seattle Sweater by Vertig0 Sands | Sad November Exlusive
Hair: INK Bovver

On Bumblebee:

Scarf: Ariskea’s Falling Scarf (Women) by Aris| Sad November Exclusive
Dress: vive nine’s Elise Ribbed Dress
Hair: Shag’s Your Wish

Pose: Aerial’s Lean on Me
Locaiton: Sad November by Flair For Events



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