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Sunday Sevensies ~ Always by Design

Good early morning or late morning wherever you are  and welcome to yet another episode of the Sunday Sevensies.

In my feeble attempt to keep you entertained, I shall begin with a rousing chorus of, “Rock A Bye Baby”, to quell any thoughts of sending me to bed.

Maybe if you all did it in harmony, I’d be convinced to go? Just maybe..

For those of you aspiring to learn and grow in the post processing part of SL Snapography…here’s a tip that may help you with your technique:

Easy on the dodge and burn -.-

Looking back at this image I can see where I sorta burned more that I usually do. Probably due to sandy eyeballs but oh well.

I recently came across a few comments about some images I had worked on for my SL partner which got me thinking, real deep like.

Deep like…lets go jump over that cliff and see if we don’t end up on the other side whole, hmm??

The comments were more or less an observation, I think.

They had observed that the snapshots I took were not genuine and/or heavily ‘photoshopped’, insomuch that they weren’t sure what was what in the picture, or if they were ‘shopped’ in.

The few snapshots I took of my partner’s loft were in fact so clean and clear, I really didn’t ‘have’ to do anything. I ‘wanted’ to do somethings.

I wanted to play in the paint so to speak because it is fun. I’ve posted snapshots here for over a year that were raw and never mentioned it in the writing.

The way I look at processed images taken from in world, is the way I look at processed images in the ‘real’. They are created for a purpose. They are made, by design.

I recall a lecture given by one of our local artists here in Seattle, and one of the questions he asked us was, What is the purpose of art?

Self Expression? Statement? Is there a practical use? Is it for decoration or ornamentation?

To me, the images I snap in world are beautiful in my minds’ eye. I frame what I see, and if I want to see more.. I’ll play in the paint.

We all of us out here in the Second Life Blogosphere, have passions and pursuits a plenty. We occupy our space on the grid, do our thang, shoot our pics, and live our SLives.

But the end of the day,  did you have fun?

I am just me, the crazy hawaiian chick who loves Minecraft. And I love, having fun. Especially with such awesome company!

*paints all over you*

Featured Items:

*Dress: Kaithleen’s Pawn Dress | Cosmopolitan Sales Room 2nd Anniversary Event!
*Shoes: Essenz’ Michigan | New @ Mainstore!
*Jewelry: Gizza’s Chained Treasure | Past La Metallique Fair
Hair: Moon’s Insect Religion
Skin: Lara Hurley’s Scarlett
Chair: Diesel Works’ Modeling Chair
Stage: Project Puppet Cabaret Stage
Lights: Retro bulbs RLB by Antreas Alter







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  2. What a silly statement *laughs* They can’t tell what is real and what is photo – shopped. *laughs again* First of all, none of it is “real” it’s a 2 dimensional virtual loft… Second of all, who cares? I am sure you wanted to, and did, want to shoot a unique art piece for your blog. How you got there doesn’t matter one iota. I admit, I am the Duchess of the “snap and run” and other than a little plastic surgery here or there I typically just let my pics fly but I will tell you a secret.. shhhh… *whispers* A couple of times in my pics I have added “real world” fashion items to my pic just for fun, and to see if any one noticed. Example. “Tall Girl, Orange Bag” (on my About Me page and also on the right sidebar if you click a post on my blog) The bag is photo shopped in. All that matters gorgie girl is that what you have created bring YOU a smile. ♡ my crazy Hawaiian chick! :***

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    • its almost telling isn’t it? can’t we just look at a picture for the sake of admiring it without explaining it away even…

      /me goes back to the grass shack

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  4. Starts singing errr humming….ain’t nothing gonna cramp your style. Ain’t nothing gonna slow you down, Oh no, you got to keep on movin!!!!!!!!! and, and, It’s your thang, do whatcha wanna do……♥
    I done told ya and told ya, this should be fun, when it ain’t fun anymore we fade into the sunset …I luffs you♥ You gots a fan in me 🙂


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