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My place or yours?

His place. And he’s got a knack for deco, I admit.

Okay so what’s the rumble, Bumble?

Only that this gorgeous mesh skybox is absolutely fiiinnneee… like sassy fine. With a 36 prim count, 100% mesh and materials enabled description?

Room 142 is worth the investment.

The Den is pretty new to me as far as architectural builds in SL. I checked out the MP store and its definitely a brand I’m going to revisit in the future.

Do take a peek at Mike Denneny’s Flickr stream to see some of his past custom work.

Its a real treat for me to share my Second Life with someone who appreciates the creative content this virtual mecca has to offer and loves nesting as well.

See that way I can just sneak over any ole day and uh, raid the fridge so to speak Oo

Thanks for dropping by on your midweek blogscroll. I’ve included a link to the majority of the credits here, and feel free to send me an email or ping me in world for any additional info.

Featured Items:

*The Den’s Room 142 Mesh Skybox by Mike Denneny | New!

Mike Denneny on Flickr

The Den on Facebook

The Den on Marketplace



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