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La valse de l’automne

These are the days in this part of the hemisphere, when summer begins to wane, and the foliage turns to that tired, time for bed, kind of green.

Its supposed to be ‘Fall’, right? But how many of you feel like this is a time when everything looks alive? Okay so maybe the vibrancy and more pronounced hues enhancing that horizon gives that lift.

I feel quite the opposite of fall-ing, for this is the best time of the year to be active and out, and involved imo.. and that’s saying a lot from a girl who grew up in Hawai’i lol.

Autumn brings out the photographer in you doesn’t it? I can’t ever pass up a day when the temperatures are crispy enough for a jacket, but bright enough for a pair of sunglasses. And a camera!

These poses are available for a few more hours at the Four Seasons Market which will be ending later tonight. They’re a great addition to your fototoolsnapshotty folder….and come with separate poses and props.

I am also wearing a cute little number by Florina Phelan, called the Brittany Retro Dress, and you can also find this at the Four Season’s Market.

I mentioned yesterday that my Fridays were Mondays and that my Mondays were my Fridays…but did I mention that my Saturdays were also my shopping days? No?

Well there you go… a few things to whet your Autumn appetite and maybe even a new sales event for you to peruse 🙂

Until next time ♥

Featured Items:

*Dress: FLRN Brittany Retro Dress by Florina Phelan | Four Seasons Market
*Necklace: Lumiere Kettle Necklace (gift) by Lumia VanDouser | Four Seasons Market
*Leaves Props: Frozen Poses by Weronika Pobieski | Four Seasons Market
*Headdress: Persefona Autumn Wreath  by Persefona | Four Seasons Market
*Additional Leaves accessoires: Persefona Leaves in Hair by Persefona | Four Seasons Market
Location: Garden Of Dreams



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