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Hi, my name is

My name really doesn’t matter as much as the name of Lara Hurley’s latest addition to her skin series, Scarlett!

You can find Scarlett at Uber’s 50 Shades of Sexy event now till October 30th. They are also holding a photo contest using content that is being featured at this month’s round.

Here is Uber’s official Facebook page for the contest rules. 

I’ve only ever gotten one of Lara Hurley’s skins and that was from this year’s Skin Fair on the recommendation of a friend of mine. Ivy’s fit on my shape is great if not better than my usual Glam Affair skins, and I’ve been using Ivy for the last few pictures.

Like many of you, I’m super ‘uber’ picky when it comes to the perfect skin ‘fit’ for my shape. One of the first articles I did here on Cozey, was about growing out of my normal everyday skin, and growing ‘up’ into a new one.

Kinda like a snake, only I’m a helluva lot charmier, and not so menacing. I think.

Here’s a little comparative comparison diddly doo I diddy using a couple of basic techniques.

My Name is

And if you’re looking for a starting off point as far as learning that post processing learning curve, I do have a tutorial/help page with links to several blogs.

I will most likely be using this brand of skin for a good while yet and am looking forward to seeing her future creations.

How about ya’ll?  How often do you switch up your skin? Have you had a chance to shop for your shades of sexy yet?

Why not start here, with my ‘Uber’ fabulous taxi?  I promise I’ll stay on my side of the seat 🙂

Featured Items:

Skin: Lara Hurley’s Scarlett in midtone by Lara Hurley | Uber
Hair: Wasabi Pills’ Roberta by MissAllSunday Lemon | FaMESHed
Eyes: Ikon Hope Eyes Black XS by Ikon Innovia | New
*Necklace: 22769 Ammunition Necklace in gold by Paco Pooley

Taxi to Uber
Uber on Facebook

50 Shades of Sexy Photo Contest Group on Flickr

Lara Hurley Facebook Page
Lara Hurley Mainstore


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