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Choose your adventure: Second Life version

For all of you lurkers out there who still love a good old fashioned, book… like with pages and stuff.. should recall a book series titled, “Choose Your Adventure”. 

They were one of my favorite series growing up, and I remember having anxiety attacks when it came time to choose which ‘adventure’ I wanted to go through.

Do I follow the detective into that steel gray building with the gargoyles at attention, or do I keep walking past the city limits with the rest of the group? Do I walk up these stone steps or do I head back towards the trail and hope for the best?

To a 5th grader living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, these were honest to goodness life or death questions lol.

This time, I decided to continue this spontaneous tour through J.L. Keet’s beloved homestead. They have been gracious enough to open the land to public for just this week, and it is so worth the time. There are signs of Autumn everywhere…the atmosphere is absolutely teeming with light and life.

If you have a chance to peek inside each of the builds, you can even find opportunities to capture Still Life! well, of a sort.

This is my favorite capture in the entire set because this little quack-er head darling of a ducky, peddled by at just the right moment. “Don’t mind me, I’m just-a-quack-ing through..”

Upon landing at the region, you will receive a notecard with some general housekeeping rules.. you are able to rez items, as the region is set to autoreturn after 30 minutes… (I think!).

Here is a link to J.L.Keet’s Flickr stream where you can find more of her awe inspiriting Second Life photography.

And so now, we come to the conclusion of our adventure, and at this ending, luckily for you, you did not fall into a vat of boiling oil, nor did you drown in lava.

You get to tour this amazing region, with all your body parts and get the treasure too!

Teleport to JL Keet Homestead Open 





  1. JLKeet says

    Thank you Wendz, Im almost speechless. This was a beautiful post, I appreciate you taking the time to show the details, excellent photography and that you simply enjoyed yourself. I am honoured, thank you. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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