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Sunday Sevensies ~ Field Trip edition

This Sunday Sevensies is brought to you by the letters A, H, and W. It is not a secret acronym, nor the password to my locker full of snacks at work.

They are clues to today’s picture guide through a few places I visited last week that made me forget the rest of the alphabet 🙂

A is for Aspen Fell

H is for H220

And finally but hardly ever lastly Oo… W is for Winter Moon.

As I toured each of these sims, there was never one moment where I took for granted, the vision, effort and hard work, each builder put into their passion.

This is the stuff SL-ife is made out of.  These places can be a great starting off point for extensive Virtual Traveling to say the least!

Jot down the slurls when you can, and bring a friend! These kinds of field trips are ‘more funner’ when you have company 🙂

Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Direct TPs

Winter Moon 


Aspen Fell


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