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The finer things

The finer things in life, are often the simpler things. Regardless of the week I am having, home is a place where things are simple.

We’ve lived in our house for about fifteen years, and I’ve recently discovered the simple joy of sitting under our picture windows in the late afternoons. It never occurred to me that all this time, there was a spot in my own living room where I could relax and just, breathe for once.

Many times, I’d find myself totally entranced watching the breeze play with our lace curtains, or watching the shadow play on the rug from the cherry tree outside those windows. I get contemplative even morbid, reminiscing of days gone by, when living a simple life was ‘in’.

Have you ever had these sorts of moments? What are some simple things you like to do to unwind?

I wanted to share more tidbits and glad tidings from The Home and Garden Expo and also a new sales event called the Four Seasons Market, which just opened on the 21st. The expo will be winding down this weekend, and so far, the donations I’ve heard, have been awesome. Hopefully you all have the chance to stop by…I’ve included direct slurls to each item in the images.

The Four Seasons Market is a new endeavor to showcase designs with the seasonal themes. If you’re like me and autumn is your thang, then be sure to visit. The event runs until October 5th.

Until next time~

Featured Items:

Fall Windchime 2014 by Pamela Galli ~ La Galleria | Home & Garden Expo
Cheeky Pea Dipper Bar Screen by Isla Gealach | The Mens Dept
Dysfunctional  Designs Draping Ivy by Kalia Firelyte |Home & Garden Expo
‘Vilchoor’ Street Lamp by Wilczurr | Four Seasons Market
‘Vilchoor’ Sit on a cabinet by Wilczurr | Four Seasons Market
!! Follow US !! Home sweet H. sign by Laurent83 Waco | Home & Garden Expo
Heart – Garden Decor – Basket of Apples by Dolly and lilith Heart | Home & Garden Expo
Pumpkin Hanging basket by Thaihiti BaroqueHome & Garden Expo

Dreamscapes Art Gallery Leaf Chairs and Lampstands (Summer and Autumn) by Carlotta Ceawlin | Home & Garden Expo




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