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primocogglerpree-moh-kog-gler noun. An artist who uses cogs and gear motifs to create acclaimed works of decorative art.

cogglercog-gler noun. A person who applies cogs or a cog design to make simple cosmetic changes to an object without fundamentally altering it or adding function.

shellackershell-a-cur noun. A person who paints on object with the aim of making it appear more fitting to the  steampunk world.

There is grandeur in this view of life.

We’re about half way through the annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo and I’m really having fun sharing some of these great builds that are being featured for this Relay for Life SL event.

‘Anika’ is a unique home that literally shouted Neo-Victorian-ism, to me.. is that even a word? And even though I don’t cover the genre very often on Cozey, I am a huge steampunk fan. Okay so maybe, a fan, from a far. But still an oggler of all things cogged, bolted, and otherwise.

It is one of the many homes featured by Sandi Glas’ Glas Houses, this year at the expo, so be sure to take this slurl, for a direct tp and check out the rest of the exhibit.

I had such a fun time with this shoot, I may just leave everything out and live here for a while. Lots o goodies from lots o events, peruse the credits, have your cuppa, and always, always.. if you need a shopping buddy, ping me!

Featured Items:

The Home and Garden Expo 2014

*Glas Houses Anika by Sandi Glas
Studio Skye’ Four Seasons Oak Tree by Alex Bader
Apple Fall Wingback Chair by Apple Fall

The Clockwork Spiral

Roawenwood Brigadiers Table and Stool
Roawenwood Bitter Walnut Grandfather Clock
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Spine Light

The Liaison Collaborative

Half Deer’s The Mad Scientist’s Bird
Half Deer’s Clockwork Bird
Pixel Mode’s Manchester Wall Pipe

The Men’s Department

=EliBaily= Nar Coffee Table

Other credits:


Trompe Loeil – Jar Chandelier
Trompe Loeil – Candle Fireplace
Trompe Loeil – Spotlight Lamp
PILOT – Haywood Pipe Shelf
PILOT – Tufted Sofa [Black]
Apple Fall Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe
Apple Fall Edi’s Lamp
Apple Fall Milan Lounge
.:Standby Inc. – Globe Bar
{theosophy} Chess Set
{theosophy} Beer Bottles
junk. double book lamp
junk. t frame light.
junk. repurposed wheel table. bronze.
Dutchie low candlestick 1
Consignment Retro Radio
ContraptioN Music Box Gacha
Dreamscapes Decor Candle Tray Autumn
Tartessos Arts Cage Candles
Mirage Old Books
Mirage Brass Station Lamp
Dysfunctional Designs’ Fancy Telescope
{what next} Henley Rug
[we’re CLOSED] linen rug brown
Julias Victorian Steampunk Kitchen & Accessories


Studio Skye Cuesta Rocks (includes creeper ropes)
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods (Single Tree)
Studio Skye Cliffs
[we’re CLOSED] grass field
[we’re CLOSED] shrub spring
3D Trees Autumn, fallen leaves
3D Trees Larch Forest

For information on Land Impact and Prim Counts feel free to send me an email: wendztempest@gmail.com


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