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A Cozey Queen

Two noodie pics in a week! Hot dog, I’m on a roll. Or rather, I have rolls but no hot …. nevermind.

A couple of days ago I received a couple of things from some good friends of mine in world just because. You can’t really see the entire necklace that I’m wearing, but it says ‘Aloha’… and is a cool gacha prize from Amaya. Gee I wonder what made you think of givin’ me this, Dusty? 😛

Also, this wonderful, candid, classically styled feline named Cougar, passed me one of the Commoner gacha prizes as well. I love how designers think and Cougar always surprises me with little things like this.

I haven’t been able to really ‘shop’ anywhere on Second Life the past week except for Hair stores salons. So these sure made my day, thank you both ♥

As I sit on this regal throne, butt naked, and posing in the cool, clear, colllldddd virtual air, (oh snap was that a plane I just saw?!), I am reminded of how eager I was to get some alone time at home. The place seems empty and quiet, but in a good way. I can hear myself think again, and heck, I can talk to myself again, without an audience shouting, “Ma! You’re crazy!”

Ahh…if I could get a penny for every time they’ve said that to me.

Do you all have any awesome neat cool uber fantastic gachas to show off? Show me!


*Skin: Glam Affair’s Skye II Jamaica #1 Gacha | The Arcade
Tattoos: Letis Tattoos’ Je t’aime Full Body (Appliers for Slink Av/E)
Body|Hands: Slink Physique, Casual Mesh Hands
Hair: Vanity Hair‘ Night Blues | New!
Sash: Commoner’ Pageant Sash’ Queen Bee gacha | The Arcade
Necklace: AMAYA Black Chain, ALOHA gacha
Chair: Verocity – King’s Throne | Kings and Queens

*Image Lighting: Lumi PRO HUD



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