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My only exception

foto c/o Vertig0 Sands

I rarely have visitors over on Cozey, so when that rare opportunity presents itself, you can be sure I’ll exploit it. Like I exploit that last piece of chocolate in the box…savoring it for as long as I can.

This blog is nearly 2 years old can you believe that? And in all that time, I think I’ve had less than 10 visitors come to take pictures with me. I admit it is more challenging to collaborate on a photoshoot, than it is for me to just use Mal. It’s easier to ‘Animare’ Mal than it is to ‘Animare’ Vertig0, for example.

In the months ahead, I would like to incorporate more of these kinds of compositions than my usual walking fashion ads. The imagination is a bit rusty, but I believe you and I could do something wonderful!

Annnndddd, if I do show off a gem here or there, well that would be the only exception 🙂

Featured Items:

On Vertig0
*Top: V-Spot’s Reformed Preppie Sweater by Vertig0 Sands | The Cosmopolitan Sales Room
*Hat: 7mad; Ravens’ Devils Waiting Fedora by Poe Rozenberg | The Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Watch: Zoom Bess Classic Watch | The Cosmopolitan Sales Room

On Wendz
*Hair: RunAway Jane | The Cosmopolitan Sales Room
*Nails: ZoZ Soft Silver Tips Polish for Slink Av/e | The Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Outfit: M&M Malu Shirt and Skirt (includes earrings and necklace)
*Skin: Glam Affair’s Rose in asia

Furniture and build: Hideki, Apple Fall, oyasumi..feel free to im me inworld for the details!




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