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The Koto Project | Taka no Sakura

So I finally figured out where I got the LM for this location from, and that was from fellow blogger, Caitlin Tobias. Well maybe not directly, but her blog has got to be one of the must-go-to’s, for she is an avid world explorer!

Here are a couple of links to her blog that covers Taka no Sakura as well as the folks who keep the region up and running:

I took a good hour or so just lingering around the outskirts of town. While it is a Japanese Role-Playing sim, no one minded me frolicking through the bamboo and yacking at the wildlife.

I’ve forgotten what it feels like to just get off of ‘ye ‘ole platform, and out into the wide open! Time should be freeing up around here soon, so watch out lag monster!!! I’m fixin’ to come and getcha!

If you’re looking for a lovely Asian themed back drop to your creative imaginations, this is an ideal location. There are also donation kiosks (boxes) around the region if you’d like to help support this community.

Hope you all have a pleasant Labor Day Weekend, and if you plan on taking the kids out?

Would you like to bring mine along too??? 😛

Teleport to Taka No Sakura



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