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Hades vs Zeus

Hello! And welcome to another episode of Aloha Friday Stylin’! Remember this guy? He used to be Cozey’s numero uno in mens wear, and featured couples pose-ball testerer..

Poor Mal, I’ve had him locked up in solitary with Thor in inventory for who knows how long. He misses the limelight 🙂

XIAJ’ is just about everywhere you go on the grid at the moment… from Collabor88 and all the way over on the other coast to Kustom9. Just kidding I don’t know which coast they are at, but it read good.

I kept Mal’s styling minimal so that ya’ll could see what Jaix’ has been up to the past few weeks. He’s been his own brand of busy!

The Zeus Top that I am wearing, errr Mal is wearing, is available in 3 other versions right now at Collabor88’s third anniversary and you can find these awesome-cool bracelets in silver or gold at La Metallique Fair and trust me when I say it is worth the trip.

I’ve started to move more of the ‘fashiony’ esque.. articles over to my Tumblr blog so feel free to visit me there if you would like to see more in depth coverage of the latest releases from XIAJ…

Thank you kinfolk of the blogging lair for stopping by and giving Mal some much needed attention.

Happy Shopping!


*Top: XIAJ’ Zues Off Collar Shirt w/ Black Stripe | Collabor88
             XIAJ’ Hades Off Collar Shirt w/ White Stripe | Collabor88
*Pants: XIAJ‘ Bronx Harem Pants
*Bracelet: XIAJ’ Know Thy Self Bracelet | La Metallique Fair
Hair: INK’ Moat

Poses: Diesel Works various



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