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Sunday Sevensies ~ August 10th Edition

La Metallique Fair 2 - 2048

Something special is on the way for all who embark on the ‘Must Have Shiny!” train!

L’accessoires has come full circle, celebrating 2 whole, fresh, fun, fabulous and fiercely fashionable years as Second Life’s quintessential Accessory Event. Sure I may be a little biased, okay maybe a lot o.O But truly, really, there hasn’t been a more understated event, than L’accessoires.

Here is a quick teaser video, created by our own L’ace designer’ Lybra Rage, to give you a taste of what’s to come… Enjoy with relish (and mustard maybe), and have a gloriously peaceful Sunday 🙂

*L’accessoires Official Blog (La Metallique Fair Blog is coming soon! Maybe… like, in 6 hours and stuff Oo)

*La Metallique Fair Flickr Page – You can find some teaser pics already and they’re so shiny!

*La Metallique Fair via Facebook




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