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Know Thyself

There are people who know what they know and are confident in ‘what’ they know, how they know it, why they know it and how to use their… know zits.

And then there are people who think they know what they know, struggle with doubting what they know, and in turn begin to question the stuff they know. That’s kinda where I’ve been dwelling since the last post.

I used to think the cure for insecurities was a quick jot down to Starbucks in sassy heels, but no. I’m figuring there really is no cure other than good ole fashion, Love and time.

Time and patience and love. Myyyy such lofty aspirations, Wendz! Are you so willing?!

Only if you guys take me to Starbucks?

Know what? I love when we have these chats.

Featured Items:

*Dress: Ruca Tease‘ Bree Mesh Gown | Ruca Tease
Hair: little bones’  The Bay | Past Hair Fair
*Skin: Glam Affair’s Artemis #9 Asia tone | New @ Collabor88
Jewelry: Eclectica’s Blenheim Brooch Baroque ; Eclectica’s Versailles Baroque Rings
Eyes: Ikon Destiny Eyes Denim xs
Hands: Slink Elegant1 Mesh Hands w/ A:S:S:’ Dark Satine Nails



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