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Portrait of the Ordinary

There are three days left of L’accessoires’ July event, and I’ve been so out of whacked since coming back from vacay, that these got lost in the throng of ‘catching ups’. These are Eclectica’s featured jewelry set from Tiffy Vella’s Baroque series and aren’t they scrumptious looking?

For this simple look, I went ‘retro’ and pulled out my favorite Kungler’s dress, the Sophia, from yea on years past. Flexi and system layers with glitch pants, if that’s not retro, this ain’t living lol. But I do love on this dress a lot, in fact it is one of the only 2010 items I have left in inventory.

Elikatira is also celebrating her 9th Rezday, with regular hair packs on sale for $99L, so do stop by before August 21st.

Someone told me a few days ago, that Happiness was transitory and I’ve found myself in a couple of  challenging situations on SL this past weekend. I recall the last time I talked about it here and it made me think about what constitutes ‘living’ a ‘happy’ life?

Is it in the attaining of material wealth or is it wealth itself? Is it living in the presence of our loved ones, or being involved in their lives?

If Happiness is transitory, wouldn’t the absence of it also be much the same?

Here’s a story I found on the net that helped me change my perspective, at least for the weekend:

       An old woman is sitting in a red dressing-gown with a white print,  in a hospital room, before the supper she has begun. On her face, a comic New Year’s mask apparently constitutes a grotesque contrast to her situation of human tragedy: the rapid spread of aging and disease and the commencing disintegration of the body. As if in alarm from the threatening present, she snatches at past joys and intimate games in her bewilderment by way of her memories.

The mask, which at other times serves to disguise the personality, here, paradoxically, expresses it: one can cling for a moment to its firm materiality when confronted with the pressing reality of impersonal cosmic law. Via this contradictory effect, the mask is translated into a symbol of human existence. The personality within the framework of which we spend our life is itself a mask (persona), which simultaneously expresses and conceals the genuine nature of the existence.

The picture records the moment when this contradictory quality of life – at once comic and tragic, concealing and revealing, absurd and realistic, individual and universal, everyday and extraordinary – becomes visible to the viewer.

The old woman, her countenance expressing simultaneously intimate proximity and elusive, distant daydreaming, nevertheless, sees more than we viewers. She sees that one which will fuse the opposite ends of the spectrum once again, even if she cannot dare to formulate it, not to herself as yet: that there, approaching irrevocably, is – alas! – death. (source: Szabolcs Szilagyi)

And thus we come to the crux of the matter; when we arrive at the doors of our absolute endings, will we take with us the moments of transition? Where we grew, where we learned, where we laughed and loved?

Since I am living in the now, I guess it would make sense to allow the transitions to happen without fear, or without doubt. But, if He allows me to, I would like to keep those moments, those ‘transitions’.

The extraordinary and yes even ordinary ones.


Necklace | Earrings | Rings: *Eclectica’s Versailles Baroque Jewelry by Tiffy Vella | L’accessoires July
Hair: Elikatira’s Tinsley in blonde | 50% Regular color packs till August 21st
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Rose #5 in asia | New @ Glam Affair
Dress: Kunglers Couture’ Sophia in amber
Eyes: IKON Destiny eyes in Denim
Hands: Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Poses: Diesel Works’ various



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