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Sunday Sevensies Returns

 It usually takes me a few hours to wind down from work and that’s when I load up on my chosen poison (iced water…seriously!), favorite snack (pita chippies) and commence lurking. Here is where I find the good reads, the gloriously awesome pictures, fashion finds, gossip, and maybe a funny tidbit or two.

Sit back and have some pita…

1. It is good to see Sax Shepherd back in the creative studio again. I’m wearing the Buccaneer Beads that will be featured at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which starts on August 8th. You can see more colors previewed here. I’m also including the link to Fantasy Gacha Carnival’s Flickr page for more sneeky peekies.

2. Webspelunker Ghostraven shared a link on Facebook,  to an article in the New York Post titled “Six Life Lessons Learned from Video Games”. It’s short, cute, and if you have teenagers like me, can be used as a backup parenting technique. (I think..)

3. One of SL Blogdom’s favorite DJ/Photographer/Blogger/Entrepreneur is back with us! She was also interviewed for her outstanding work using LumiPro Photo System.. Peep Sideshow talks with LumiPro’s Sammie Ansar here! 

4. If you’re a closet foodie like me, here’s a link to a blog that has nothing BUT foodie pics… I really could scroll through these till infinity. Forgive me ya’ll.

5. Take a peek at this lovely capture by Skippy Beresford titled, “You are never strong enough, that you don’t need help.” See if that doesn’t get you to share your pita chips!

6. I take back everything I’ve ever written about Second Life Romances

7. Favorite tweet of the day by Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself…

asas df
Thanks for stopping by today and may your Sunday bring you good beginnings and even better weekendings!


Accessories: *Sax Shepherd Designs’ Buccaneer Beads Nassau Headpiece Gacha | Fantasy Gacha Carnival Coming soon!
*Sax Shepherd Designs’ Buccaneer Beads Nassau Necklace Gacha | Fantasy Gacha Carnival coming soon!
Hair: Unorthodox Jonae Curls v2 (chocolate) | Past Hair Fair
Top: Sugar Heart Woodland Creature Tee
Top2: Fashionably Dead’ Button Shirt Open
Shorts: Mutresse Guzla Shorts
Poses: Diesel Works Various
Misc: Diesel Works Lips Wall Gacha | Greek Isle Gacha
Diesel Works Butterflies Wall Art | Greek Isle Gacha



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