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The Winds of Refreshing

What is with the month of August and the traveling itchies? I feel like if we don’t party now, then come September when school starts and work gets busy, I’ll be deep party-traveling-deficit. But today I aim to over spend regardless lol.

It’s always a welcomed sight when designers stay close to home base. Harry Hyx of ISON, released a classic leather trim dress a few days ago at his main store and I was happy to invest in the red. That neckline is unique, not a typical bust cut.. thing. I kinda like that!

Ahh Bumble, if you only knew what the tart you were talking about.

There are about 8 days left of L’accessoires’ July cycle, so you have a bit of time to explore yet. I’m wearing 1992’s Heroine Bag which is available in 6 colors, with or without poses. I also did the Fifty Linden Friday hop this morning and saw that Olaenka of oOo Studios had a set of poses perfect for that windblown hair from Exile’s Hair Fair release imo.

‘Cause, she has to look like she’s going somewhere fast right? And when you walk fast…. you get that windblown hair thing going! Amirite? Just nod and smile, it’s almost over. 

I’m usually not this clever after lunch, but today is your lucky day! lol

Thanks for stopping by on your daily blogscroll and happy shopping when you get there!

Featured Items:
Bag: *1992 Heroine Bag (emerald) | L’accessoires
Dress: ISON’ Leather Trim Dress (red) | New @ ISON
Hair: Exile’s Blown Away | Past Hair Fair
Necklace: Glam Affair Chainedlink Black necklace
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Rose #11 jamaica | New @ Glam Affair
Eyes: IKON’s Mortal Eyes Black | New @ IKON
Poses: oOo Studio’s Travelogue | Fifty Linden Friday Today



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