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Sorry, but not sorry

Being assertive is something I wish I could force myself into learning. While looking for a song to help me get through the morning, I came across a commercial that hit home, so to speak. Marketing geniuses.

It was a shampoo commercial in the end, but at the beginning, there were scenes of women who were apologizing.  A, woman saying sorry for interrupting a meeting, another one trying to get a word in, and even a sorry for hogging the blanket lol.

And then the hook…in big, bold font…”Don’t be sorry, be strong and shine!”

I replay it again, and watch the untold stories behind the sorries. I get flashbacks of my own ‘sorry’ moments. And it dawns on me, that there really isn’t anything ‘to’ apologize for. Are we really sorry? Are we truly remorseful? Or is it bred out of a sense of false humility?

There are things in life I truly do regret, and have repented of in kind. Lies, bad attitudes, mistakes, hurtful actions.

But I have found that Love is a true purifier. It erases the crooked paths, and it destroys a broken life..soul even. It breaks down those walls and Love covers a multitude of … well, you get the picture.

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”, right? Unless of course, he ate all the muffins 😛

I’m not sorry I chose to Love again.

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    • hahahha

      It’s amazing how that one thing can boost self esteem though..with the right attitude anything is possible ♥


  3. Nods.. yes.. I am a ‘I am sorry’ person as well and I have actually asked friends to help me ‘get over it’. Because it is not the ‘right’ kind of sorry. It is basicly saying ‘sorry I am here’ And I am very much not sorry I am.

    Thank you for reminding me as well! hugs


    • hugs Rwah* It’s one of those habits that won’t leave us alone hehe.

      Right now I’m dealing with, “Am I bugging you? Let me know if I’m bothering you. Okay?”…..



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