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Happiness is a process

/me brushes away the cobwebs and smiles.

It really is good to be back on the blogosphere. And from my lurker point of view, I guess I wasn’t the only one suffering  having the ‘relatives visiting for the summer’ syndrome’ . Alas, nearly everyone has gone back home and 20% of my southern Californian relatives whom on the plus side, still believe in staying in hotels.

One dead car battery and four destroyed break pads later, I find myself sitting in a similar position to the image above, thinking, ruminating, breathing, sighing a contented sigh. Its quite lovely, this feeling of alone-ness. It is quite different than being ‘lonely’.

In fact, here are my top 10 reasons why I love being alone…

10. I get to eat the kind of food I love, by myself, with no extra hands or chopsticks, picking their way through to get to the good stuff.

9. I get to pretend like I’m living the single life.

8. I can buy my venti iced coffee with 8 pumps of cinnamon-dulce and drink it alllll, thank you very much.

7. I can dance the macarena, plus twerk, plus do the hula without my son screaming at how he won’t sleep tonight because of the nightmares.

6. When the house is clean and sparkly, it stays that way.

5. ALL THE CHOCOLATE belongs to me.

4. Fifteen teenagers under one roof, with only 800 square feet to share, for 48 hours. You do the math.

3. Nine hefty hawaiians all sharing one rice cooker which serves only 10 cups. You do the math.

2. I can play all my favorite movie soundtracks and pretend I’m leading the symphony.

And the top reason why I love my alone time:

I don’t have to do the dishes! (so classic ya?)

I know summers on Second Life tend to slow down and we don’t get to visit often. For those of you who have been lurking around my Facebook, I just want to extend a hand of welcome and thanks. And for those of you who continue to visit Cozey, thank you from the bottom of my bento box.

Your company is always welcome! And tasty!

Featured Items:

*XIAJ’ Summer Bento Gachas by superjaix | Okinawa Summer Festival Open till August 24th
-/ XIAJ / Wooden Picnic Table
-/ XIAJ / Vintage Summer Radio
-/ XIAJ / Empty Bento Sauce Bottles
-/ XIAJ / Neko Bento RARE
-/ XIAJ / Stacked Bento (mint)
-/ XIAJ / Buta Bento RARE
-/ XIAJ / Usagi Bento RARE

*Essenz’ Maui Sandals by Senzation Domenitzo | Aloha Fair
*FAUN’ Summer Essentials Leather Bracelet and Set | L’accessoires July

Outfit: GizzA Erika’s Halterneck dress
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Rose, clean | New!
Ears: Mandala Simple Mesh Ears
Body: Slink Physique w/ Glam Affair’s Jamaica Applier
Hands|Feet: Slink Casual Mesh Hands and Flat Feet
Nails: Wicked Peach‘ Bees

Rug: MudHoney Grafik Rug
Rug2: Ridic Retro Rug ‘The Hive’
The Loft – Honeycomb Shelf
House: Scarlet Creative Atlantic Gazer
Pose: Sari Sari Ground Sit #5



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