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My own mortality

Last weekend, I had a bit of a scare at work and left a few hours early. The day was wonderful enough in both lives, and isn’t it funny how when you’re skipping along the trail of your life, how quickly that trail can take a detour?

As I sat in the break room and rested a bit, so many thoughts rushed through my mind. Some were downright morbid, and some were kinda morbidly funny. I try to live life so that when I wake up, the first exhale that comes out of my lungs, is one that is thankful to be alive.

And on the inhale, I breathe in what is left of my dreams. I breathe in the subtle, soft memories of wishes made in the darkest of nights, the hopes and aspirations that keep me in perspective, and I breathe in the love that so wonderfully surrounds me as I rest in its peace.

There are some thoughts I will let ‘make a nest’ in my hair. But they are always those, of prosperity, peace, and understanding.

This is how faced my mortality in that danky, cold break room lol.

Breathe in love, exhale love. So that when I’ve arrived at that final appointment I made years ago, it is met with joyous rapture and a warmth so grande, it rivals the sun ♥

Outfit: Coquet’s Petal Outfit | FaMESHed
Hair: !OhMai’s Sue w/ Nesting Tweeters | The Hair Fair 2014
*Skin: Glam Affair’s Rose (clean no brows) in asia | New! @ Glam Affair
Eyes: IKON’s ‘Mortal’ Eyes in storm | New! @ IKON



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