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Peace at last

It’s Friday and yay I survived another week of my puny virtual existence lol. Well at least, there’s some ‘awesome-c0ol’ events to look forward to.. like, (drum roll please)

L’accessoires! Yes, we’re a few days into the July cycle and have you stopped by yet? No? I’ll pay for the cab fare 🙂 Senzation Domenitzo is featuring these uber cute sandals and is available in the standard 6 colors, for Slink flat mesh feetsies. See that way you can also show off your new pedi too 🙂 Essenz is also celebrating their one year anniversary and you are invited! Everything is 50% off so if you’ve not experienced the sensation in Essenz, it sooo is the time 🙂

The Hair Fair continues its successful run and this time I am wearing elua’s Tricia Hair-did, a brand that I am starting to ‘invest’ in. The hair textures are some of the best I’ve seen on the grid, there aren’t any harsh/stark contrasting lines in the strands, and subtle highlights make them look more realistic. (yeah it does bare repeating lol)

But what do I know about such things?!

I do know that you’d be doing someone a world of good, so do visit the Hair Fair when you can, if not to shop then at least to show camaraderie.

Again, our hearts will thank us for it ♥

Hair: elua Tricia | Hair Fair 2014
*Shoes: Essenz’ Florida sandals | L’accessoires for July
*Skin: Glam Affair’s Kallisto #4 jamaica | ROMP
Dress: OrsiniRed American Taste
[y] Cup Mix Juice Orange Bee (rare)
Pose: Sari Sari Various
Prop: Aria Chiara outdoor couch



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