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Curves and Edges

And because good things come to those who wait, I am stepping out of default and into the new revolution that is, the Mesh Body. So, after all the teasers, dozens of reviews, hints, and more teasers, how could we not scurry our default tooshes over and pick us up our own Slink Physique? 

Just like you all, I poured through my blogroll looking for a decent review and Shaedynlee’s was enough to get me out of bed 😀 Do visit her blog, she’s very quick to give relevant info, as to where I am just as quick to give, jabber.

Right let’s get on with the fitting *snaps fingers*!  But first, let me just state this before I lose the nerve. I’ve not made it a habit to place any images of mine or any avatar in the nude here on Cozey. It’s just something I decided to do after that whole lingerie fiasco thing. Anyway, Slink Physique cured that issue. So bite your tongue, and hold the phone, because tasteful nudes may just make their way onto the menu…. I think. We’ll see. Maybe. I dunno yet? yes one hooha made it in there, sorry :/

I used Diesel Work poses for most of the snaps. Other than the fact that they are collaged, the images aren’t retouched at all. I am using Glam Affair’s Cassia #4 in the american tone, and their appliers for Slink Physique are now available in store.

Why on earth would you plunk down 1250L for a Mesh Body?

Because it is a decent price for a product from a content creator with a history of creating quality content. Anddd the demo works with my chosen mesh attachments. It helps that they’re made from the same creator heh.

What are some benefits to investing in a Mesh Bodehh?

It’s spelled, body, genius. At first I thought it’d help me with an easier work flow in post processing. But I’ve been trying on different mesh clothing without alpha layers, and without the Slink Physique Clothing/Alpha Layer Hud, and I am finding that they fit quite nicely. Fitted mesh is a wonderful thing.

What are some noticeable issues/concerns you had at first glance?

*The neckline seam was pretty noticeable prior to editing my shape, which there was little of by the way. There is some bleed through with the default SL avatar in that area (for me anyway). I am using my default head (non mesh) and so expect to see some of that at the ‘cut’ with any mesh body + default SL head. This is still version 1, so hoping that future versions may have a fix for that.

*A friend of mine mentioned that she could see the seams near the shoulders and under the arms. With certain Windlight settings, I was able to see them too, but not so much that it gave me any grief. I attest that mostly to my chosen skin.

*The Clothing/Alpha Layer HUD, is simple to navigate, and I may have some use for it in the future. The obvious thing is that these layers are Slink defaults and may not work with some clothing. I tried on a mesh bikini set with this HUD and found it was better/easier to eliminate the Alpha layers altogether.

Quick Comparison to other fitted mesh bodies you have demo’d?

Honestly I have only tried the Wowmeh mesh body and while it was lovely (when it was there?), it wasn’t what I was looking for. Caitlin Tobias did a great review on The Shops’ version so I may nab the free copy later this week.

I didn’t ‘put out’ for any Lolas or Phat Azz attachments and now with Physique on the market, I probably won’t bother to demo neither. The hawaiian in me screams laziness, and practicality is high on my list.

How ‘practical’ is a mesh body in this day and SL age?

For everyday, grid hopping, island stomping, club dancing, sim walking, flying exploring practical use? Uh not very I’m thinking. Not yet anyway.

For the artsy, fashiony, picture compositions, I think a mesh body is very practical. Less time editing, and more time posing and working on the actual composition rather than the photo-editing bit. Does that make any sense? I’m losing my mind.

Are you aware that we can see your…ehem??

Yes Captain Obvious. And again I apologize with flower in hand.


These are exciting times on the grid! So my question for anyone out there who’s willing to answer, is, will you hop in the mesh pool and get your own Slink Physique demo? If so, I’d love to read all about it!

Hope you all have a warm and wonderful evening ♥

Featured Items:
Slink Physique (Fitted mesh body) by Siddean Munro | New @ Slink
Visit the Slink Blog for the full details!
Hair: *Milk’s Summer Wine by Milk Chan | Coming Soon to Rhapsody!
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Cassia by Aida Ewing | Summerfest ’14  (Appliers for Slink Physique are now available at Glam Affair in world!)
Hands|Feet: Slink Casual Mesh Hands and Flat Feet XS
Poses: Diesel Works
Props: *Ruca Tease




  1. I saw it too!! Also, the one I was showing off, body – not hoohah, has an Naked PG version…so you are naked, but the hoohah is..well, not there? I found it disturbing…!


  2. I just got appliers for my hands and feets, May be a while for whole skin applier I am thinking. But that is okay. I am in no hurry. Beautiful shots BTW…hoohah and all ♥


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