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Lemon Drop

Day 20: A Song that could easily have been written about  your life
Song: Lemon Drop
Artists|Band: Pistol Annies

“…I play my hopes and play my dreams
Just like two coins in a slot machine
Sing “Glory, Hallelujah” if everything works out fine

My life is like a lemon drop
I’m suckin’ on the bitter to get to the sweet part
I know there are better days ahead

Lord I know there are better days ahead
Thank God”

Hottie Cooterati’s ‘Rhapsody’ starts in just a few days, and I thought it’d be fun to preview it with the song blog challenge I meant to complete, oh say, last year 🙂

If you’re a country fan at heart, then you’ll go bobblin’ with Lost Junction’s  adorable bobbleheads and deco rugs to countrify your music room. The Hats are also from Lost Junction and can be worn as well.

That Cornbread one, is gonna get my hips into trouble no doubt.

Have any of you skin hoarders had a chance to demo’ Cassia yet? You can find Glam Affair’s latest skin series in America, Indian and Jamaican tones at this year’s Summerfest. My fave makeup is #8 and each tone includes GA’s signature freckles… frex…frecklettes 🙂

L’accessoires continues to sweeten the need for fashion candy with accessories like these fabulous platform flip flops from Purplemoon Creations. (made to use with Slink’s High Mesh Feet).

I can so imagine wearing only these, strumming my ukulele and hollering out the window at people passing by. Shoes making the woman and all that.


And lastly, but not quite entirely, here is a new lovely updo from Sabina Gully’s Magika called Meadows. Here is Magika’s website to catch up on some of her newer releases. Doesn’t that braid bun/wrap thing look delicious? Like a lemon curd filled bun right? (okay its just me then).

Thanks for stopping by on your daily blogscroll. In the midst of all the rumors on the grid as of late, I’m just glad ya’ll still have the time to come by and just veg’ over the content that residents create for our entertainment.

SLife might give us lemons for sure, but thank goodness we can and still make the lemonade.

Featured Items:
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Cassia #8 in jamaica by Aida Ewing | Summerfest ’14
Hair: Magika’s Meadows by Sabina Gully | New @ Mainstore or online
Sandals: *PurpleMoon Creations’ Summer Breeze Flips (for Slink High Mesh Feet) by Poulet Koenkamp | L’accessoires

Dress: Amerie’s Fruit Dress in lemon, navy by Amerie Spitteler | Creation.jp
Jeans: Maitreya’s Boyfriend Jeans Slim

Lost Junction’s Country Bobble Heads’ ‘Goodhearted Woman’ & ‘Good Timin’ Man’ by Tala Laval | Rhapsody by Hottie Cooterati opens June 28th!
Lost Junction’s Country Caps | Rhapsody
Lost Junction’s Nashville Novelty Rugs | Rhapsody
Scarlet Creative Atlantic Gazer Prefab | Collabor88
Trompe Loeil – Nautical Basic Chair Natural Yankee | Collabor88

22769 ~ [homme] guitarbag
The Loft – Marshall Entertainment Center  Red




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