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Thoughts of Peace

With the end of the school term this week, my home has become a bus stop. If someone told me 5 years ago, that bus service would be added in my job description for parenting teens, I would’ve said something ignorant like, they can take metro.

“Mom, can you give us money for transit?”

I don’t think there is a clear winner here.

I took about a week’s worth of R&R from Cozey to get things in order around my own yard/home/garden and it was really, really nice. Felt lighter than I have in months and even though the innards (of the house lol) still resembled a mass transit dumping station, at least the outside looks presentable.

I’ve had these snapshots of Aphrodite’s latest summer release, “Summer Flowers Greenhouse” in white hiding on my laptop for all that time. Luckily they haven’t been swept off during one of my “bus driving rants”.

You also see the oak version here. 

I was kind of hopeless with styling imo, because the entire set is so rich and full of features. I also wasn’t sure if I liked that the sunroof was bare, so I tried this uh drape thing idea, somewhere. I believe I saw a picture of something similar in an old AARP magazine at the doc’s.

Anyway, I think it worked out okay. I am a huge fan of the ivies that hug the doorways as well as the flooring which includes loads of textures, only a click away! If ya’ll haven’t guessed by now, I have an infatuation with ivies and curtains.

They’re like, the easiest stuffs to hide nekkid corners and holes, right?

I do believe that time away from anything worthwhile can prove to be  healthy and inspiring in the end. That whole absence makes the heart grow fonder, thing. It’s like me and donuts. I am very fond of donuts, and have been absent from this fondness for a few weeks.

I hope they miss me as much as I miss them.

Thank you for stopping by on your daily blog scroll, and if you’ve taken the time to read through, here is an open invitation to visit one more time! Who knows, I might even make lunch!

Featured Items:

*Aphrodite’ “Summer Flowers” Conservatory (White) New! Click for teleport to mainstore or click here to shop online!

“Summer Flowers” Rattan Couple Sofa White
“Summer Flowers” Rattan Single Chair White
“Summer Flowers” Rattan Couple Chair White
“Summer Flowers” Rattan Table White
“Summer Flowers” Hanging Lamp
“Summer Flowers” Hanging Plant
“Summer Flowers” Fountain White
“Summer Flowers” Animated Plant Pink
“Summer Flowers” Animated Plant Blueish
“Summer Flowers” Animated Plant Big
“Summer Flowers” Animated Plant white
“Summer Flowers” Animated Plant yellow
“Summer Flowers” Animated Plant small
“Summer Flowers” Animated Plant purple
“Summer Flowers” Animated Plant Group
“Summer Flowers” garden tools box
“Summer Flowers” Deco Frames
“Summer Flowers” Decorative Ivy
Wintergarden Standing Lamp

Other Credits:
Kalopsia – Hanging Drapes
FrogGarden’s Ivy
Frog Garden’s Grass Field
Trompe Loeil – Classic Backyard Fencing White | FaMESHed
[Ink] Bee curtain
Endless Summer ~ Closed Gentian
Endless Summer ~ Brown Eyed Susans
Distorted Dreams’  Tree on a Rock – White



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