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I’ll turn your world

“How I’ll turn your world, you precious thing…”

Okay so I’m not quoting it verbatim, but hello, wouldn’t it be just fantastically delicious to turn King Jareth’s world upside down for once?

Or inside out, but I digress.

King Jareth: “But that’s not fair!”

Wendz: “I wonder what your basis for comparison is?”

Hmmmmm. Think he’d fall for that? Ah but if I could just borrow his hair for just a quick shoot! Thank you Goblin King, you handsome debille you.

Serafilm’s Labyrinth edition will be ending in just a few days (May 31st), so here’s a taxi to check out the full demo of A.D.D. Andel’s COOL, like uber-epic cool build and ode to this month’s feature film, the Labyrinth. It is modifiable thankfully, so if you’re wanting to have some shadow play, the sphere can be moved.

Also you can find these magical crystal sphere poses from HopScotch Designs, very handy when you’re trying to make a getaway from the boogie man me thinks. (Yes, I called the King a boogie man… and yes he can boogie with me any time he wishes.)

L’accessoires is fast approaching its May run as well. Do pick up a demo of MiaMai’s featured footwear, Intollerance. This has been a great cycle so far, over 20 designers participated, which means mo’ candy fo’ you!

King Jareth:  “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.”

Reeeheheaally now? How about, you do as I say and we turn that frown upside down, because, who can resist my unrelenting charm? /me dares to chuckle Oo

Okay no more foolin’, have a great day and happy shopping!

Dress: Dead Dollz’ Tulip dress | Penumbra Fashion Week (Ends 5/31!!)
Shoes: *MiaMai’ Intollerance | L’accessoires 

Necklace: *Beppin! Love Collar | Designers Circle Anniversary Round (Ends 6/1!)
Ring: *Zenith’s Farewell my Concubine | L’accessoires
Hair: LoQ’ue Party Juice | New! Also available @ The Dressing Room Fusion (full price version)
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Coral #2 | Collabor88

Eyes: Dead Apples’ Sinistre Blind Brown
Make-Up: Glam Affair’s Prezioso Lipstick #20, Elit eyes make-up #1

Poses: *Eternal Dreams’ Alea | Past Pose Fair
               *HopScotch Designs’ How you turn my world Crystal Ball | Serafilm’s Labyrinth Edition (ends 5/31!)

Build: A.D.D.Andel!-It’s Further ThanYou Think | Serafilm’s Labyrinth Edition



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