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My Cozey Corner

/me cheers and applauds every Home|Garden blogger out there!

So I started ‘styling’ these images uh roughly 12 hours ago and wow..WOW. My admiration for the time and effort you all put into your craft is nothing short of amazing. I’m sitting here scratching my head thinking, “Wholly cheeseballs, how do they do this day in and day out?”

If I ever get smart enough to attempt creating something, anything really, the first thing I shall make is an award 6ft tall, gold plated, diamond encrusted statue for every single Home|Garden blogger on the grid. And when you click on it, I’ll be durrrn sure it gives off glitter particles, blaring trumpets, and a hallelujah chorus singing your official anthem.

I’ve been humbled, this wasn’t easy, it’s not even ‘pro’, and my gawd, the hours went by faster than I could drink up all of the Nexpresso. Caffeine? Nope, that buzz left a long time ago :/

Speaking of Nexpresso, here’s what actually prompted my feeble attempt today:

Ahhh yes, the proverbial showcased feature out of them all, the piece day resistance..(go away, grammar police, its late!) 

AphroditeSL released the teaser pics for their latest masterpiece, The Nexpresso, and what ensued was a day long hate/love affair with home deco and landscaping. And you know what? It really was worth the time, truly because the Nexpresso machines are absolutely gorgeous, and yes, it comes with additional espresso-works-of-arts. All made with love.

I’m not sure if Home & Garden blogging is something I have time to do just yet. What I do know is that the content available to us now, versus 5 years ago, is all the more reason to at least try. Okay, so this little corner on the grid has got some potential, after all. Maybe desire isn’t the only thing I’ll need though..

Maybe I need step back, and see that the door is open, and all I have to do is walk through it.

Featured Items:

AphroditeSL’s Nexpresso Luxury Coffee Machine (See the full details @ their official Facebook Page!)

Teleport to AphroditeSL

 “a dozen of gourmet original cold and hot cafes: expresso, latte, capypso, mocha, capuccino, café with cream, whipped vegan café, decaf, three mousses café, iced, Irish & Frappuccino; Contains also a dozen of cups on plate with spoon decorative as gift! ”

Other Credits:

HIDEKI – Cafe Gacha (rare) | The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Menu Sign (common) | The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Bar Counter (common) | The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Bar Sofa, Stools, Table Set (common) | The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Wall Shelf with decor (common) | The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Farm Animals (common) | The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Coffee Mug Shelf (common) | The Chapter Four

[Breno&KiM] The Monday Haters Chair | Atelier Kreslo
The Loft – Portolla Chair | Group Gift
The Loft – Martini Table Black | Group Gift
MudHoney Grafik Rug
Kuro – Mist lamp
[Breno] Shoe Planter
:neigeux: Pendant Lights
:neigeux: Mesh Plant
Dysfunctional Designs Hanging Candles
Dysfunctional Designs Flower Plot – Daffodil
LISP – Mesh Teapot Clock
Alouette – Hanging Pansies
Alouette – Single Pansy Planter
Alouette – Pansy Fence Planter
Studio Skye’s Enchanted Woods, single
Frog’s Garden Ivy
Scarlet Creative Wish you were here Prefab | Collabor88
Trompe Loeil Karin Cottage | Collabor88
Apple Fall’s Air Notebook

MiWardrobe -Painted Leather Handbag | L’accessoires
Le Primitif PATI_Shades – Tortouise | L’accessoires



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