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Touch me not

Touch ups, airbrush, liquify, blend, blur, smudge, sharpen, contrast, brighten, darken, filter or don’t filter, to crop or not to crop.

And I’ve barely touched the ‘surface’ to the multi layering, multi tool-ing task of post processing..I’m so anti multi talented, my managers at work constantly check my roots to see if I really am blonde.

(uh no offense to my friends who happen to be blonde, because truth be known ya’ll are the ones checking :P)

For this Project Everybody Challenge, we were asked to take a snapshot without any of the funcy editing and so here in lies the result. I’ve not been practicing with Windlights like I should, so this setting was a morph of one of Annan Adored’s.  Recently I’ve had to switch solely to the official SL Viewer for all my picture taking, right around when Project Interesting was released, and I’ve noticed a vast difference.

No idea what the science is behind that yet, but whatever they did, it worked.

I guess the one thing I am learning through this challenge is how dependent I am on post processing techniques. It is nothing at all for me to fire up whatever software and just brush or crop away, and I suppose it is that way with a lot of us. We don’t think about it till we are absent from it. Kinda like me and Krispy Kreme donuts. Abstinence sucks sometimes!

Lest I ramble on, I did invest in something that I think might help cut down time on editing, and that is the Mandala mesh ears. They sure make it easy to feature earrings, just like mesh hands and feets make it easier to feature jewelry, shoes and nails.

Since most of the images on Cozey are to showcase content, I try to keep things looking the way it came. So if or when I do make changes, I try my very best to keep true to whatever the designer’s original vision had in mind at the time of conception. Since that is not always possible with our limited technology and my lack of brain cells, I take it to the drawing board for a tweak or two, mainly to the elbows, knees and shadowing.

One thing I am looking forward to trying is to see how well fitted mesh bodies will work with certain poses and apparel. That would also take post processing to a minimal level, no? Or rather to the next level.

In the end, it is all about perspective.

From an advertising POV, you want your content to look enticing, welcoming even. You want that bling factor because shinies attract everyone. (Might not be a good attraction but it got your attention!)  Then, from an artist/creative POV, you want your photographs to look enticing, but also to tell a story. Your story.

Whenever I see pictures that have these point of views meshed beautifully together , it is more than just another picture to me. It becomes a story worth watching, and boy howdy do I love a good story!

Jennifer Lawrence?! as if!

Thanks for stopping by on this, your Mid-Week Bloggidy hop. You can find this challenge here and post your images in the PE Flickr group too.

Phooey, its a 20 minute drive to the donut shoppe.

Aloha till next time♥


Dress: Coquet’ Twist Dress in basic red
Earrings: *Lybra Dawn Flower in red | L’accessoires
Necklace: *h.m.a.e.m. irie necklace in gold | L’accessoires
Hair: booN MMK375 | New!
Hairbase: booN cornrows brown
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Brandi #6 in jamaica
Makeup: *Glam Affair’s Aria Freckles #4 Moles #2
Ears: Mandala Simple Ears Mesh
Hands: Slink Casual and Elegant1 mesh hands
Eyes: Ikon Spectral Eyes moor
Lashes: Mon Cheri’s Falsies
PoseProp: Savoir Faire Ladders Pose Prop



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  2. Lovely pics!!! Thank you for doing this again, Wendz. You look stunning, and I love your commentary.

    I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts girl myself. Sadly, the closest one is like 75 minutes away so I never have them, lol.


  3. Let me just say, if you ever get picked as Tribute in the Hunger Games, I would so Volunteer. XD

    So…I envy the fact that your pics came out gorgeous even without post-processing. Come on man, have a flaw, will ya? ❤


    • points to the krispy kreme line in the article… though that might not be a flaw eh?

      think they would take a few boxes of donuts as tribute instead?


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  5. Absolutely beautiful ❤ I hadn't seen this latest challenge before I posted today. That was a photo I could have left unprocessed (except for the knobby elbows and triangular shoulders) and been happy with…AND it was the first photo I snapped! lol what are the odds I can pull that off again?

    Not great, but I'll give it a red hot go 🙂


    • Its a good ‘un ..I get lazy playing with wind light but sometimes I hit something decent. You look beautiful and down with knobby elbows


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